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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Charlie Sheen, Live The Sheen Dream
‘Live the Sheen Dream’ Continues to Gain Momentum Thanks to “Epic” Charlie Sheen!

Charlie Sheen’s “epic” quotes from his current media bender are easily accessible thanks to the new website “Live the Sheen Dream”! If you want to keep up to date on what Charlie has said the last few days, this site has you covered!

Fans can now head right now to Live the Sheen Dream for the best of the chatty actor’s crazy comments! ( Read Live The Sheen Dream more... )

Live the Sheen Dream: Charlie Sheen’s Craziest Quotes on a T Shirt!

From the “Why didn’t I think of that?” department… look no further than Live the Sheen Dream, a website that generates all of Charlie Sheen’s craziest quotes.

Click Sheen’s head on Live the Sheen Dream for the latest golden nugget from Hollywood’s (current) most delusional celebrity. ( Read Live The Sheen Dream more... )

Live the Sheen Dream website down after traffic skyrockets

Live the Sheen Dream, a website that lets people click on a picture of Charlie Sheen’s head to see his outrageous quotes, has seen its traffic jump through the roof in the past several days.

The website, created by Canadian man Jarrett Moffatt, received a whopping 16 clicks on Sheen’s head on Tuesday. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, among many others, helped Live the Sheen Dream get to that massive total by providing a link to the site. ( Read Live The Sheen Dream more... )

‘Peg site enters the ‘Sheen dream’

WINNIPEG -- Web surfers across the world are taking up a Winnipeg man's invitation to have them "live the Sheen dream" by getting into the head -- sort of -- of embattled television star Charlie Sheen.

Jarrett Moffatt has seen his website draw huge interest and hits since he created it just days ago. He reportedly sees the site as a social media experiment and an offbeat tribute to the increasingly offbeat star of the sitcom Two And A Half Men. ( Read Live The Sheen Dream more... )

Charlie Sheen Quotes Form Live the Sheen Dream Website

Charlie Sheen quotes show how one can Live the Sheen Dream. But the Charlie Sheen quotes pretty much blend together, as the Live the Sheen Dream formula is quite clear. Through the last week, he has shown that one must have tiger blood, Adonis DNA, be a winner, and be able to cure addictions with the mind. In addition, hatred of CBS, Chuck Lorre and AA is a prerequisite.

Yet if one can't keep track of all the Charlie Sheen quotes, a new website reminds us how to best Live the Sheen Dream. ( Read Live The Sheen Dream more... )

Rachel Oberlin on Charlie Sheen Sex Life: A Dream Come True!

Rachel Oberlin is living the life.

The woman who goes by the moniker "Bree Olson" in the adult film world tells The New York Post that she shares one big bed with Charlie Sheen and Natalie Kenly and when it comes to the trio's sex life: "We do whatever Charlie wants us to do."

Is that ever awkward? Please. ( Read Live The Sheen Dream more... )

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