Rodney King

Friday, 4 March 2011

Rodney King
LAPD: How the LAPD has evolved in the 20 years since the Rodney King beating

On the 20-year anniversary of Rodney King's beating by Los Angeles police, which was captured by onlooker George Holliday's Sony Handycam, Joel Rubin, Andrew Blankstein and Scott Gold have written a story detailing just how much video technology has changed the way the LAPD operates.

From pedestrians with cellphones that double as video cams to surveillance in patrol cars, big brother is always watching. ( Read Rodney King more... )

20 years later, Rodney King tape still viral

Do you remember where you were twenty years ago today? That was the night four LAPD officers repeatedly beat a black man named Rodney King while other officers stood by and watched.

That incident—and, equally important, a bystander’s recording of it with his home video camera—changed many things forever. ( Read Rodney King more... )

Rodney King: 20 years of citizen photojournalism

Dan Gillmor's essay, "Rodney King and the Rise of the Citizen Photojournalist," looks at the history that led up to the watershed moment, 20 years ago, when the King beating was recorded with a personal video camera, and what's happened since then: ( Read Rodney King more... )

Rodney King Anniversary: 20 Years Later, LAPD Adjusts To Life In The Youtube Age

It was shortly after midnight, 20 years ago Thursday, when George Holliday awoke to the sounds of police sirens outside his Lake View Terrace apartment.

Grabbing his clunky Sony Handycam, he stepped out on his balcony and changed the Los Angeles Police Department forever. ( Read Rodney King more... )

20 Years Later, Rodney King Still Haunted by LAPD Beating

Rodney King says he still has nightmares triggered by the relentless beating he took 20 years ago today from Los Angeles police that was caught on videotape and later caused riots that killed more than 50 people.

"Tossin' and turnin' sometimes, even hearin' the voices. ... 'Get down, get down, get you f----n' n----r.' Those words, I'll have to wake up and look outside ... ," King told CNN in an interview that will air Friday. ( Read Rodney King more... )

The Rodney King Beating 20 Years Later - Its Impact on LAPD

A beating by Los Angeles police of motorist Rodney King was caught on video by an apartment dweller just across the road on March 3, 1991.

George Holliday, an Argentine plumber who captured the images on a Sony Handycam said the beating was so loud and raucous that it caught his attention, according to his website.

Video of the beating aired locally on TV station KTLA, who paid Holliday $500 for the rights to air it. Holliday says he went to the news station after Los Angeles police would not give him details about what happened. ( Read Rodney King more... )

Rodney King Beating Video Still Shocks 20 Years Later

Rodney King was a convicted robber on parole and indeed he was drunk when a police chase ensued. The video that surfaced after he was captured was what set in motion a chain of events that changed King's life, the LAPD and America as a whole. No matter whether you are a Latin in America, Black, White, Asian, or any other race, gender or ethnicity, the Rodney King beating and trials affected the way we live today. Click through shocking photos and relive the horrible beating video.

The clip below shows four officers beating King while he was defenseless on the ground. King was reportedly struck 50 times by wooden batons and shocked by an electric stun gun.

The four LAPD officers that beat King, Theodore Briseno, Laurence Powell, Timothy Wind and Sgt. Stacey Koon, were indicted on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and excessive use of force. A trial later acquitted three of the officers and a mistrial was declared for the fourth. ( Read Rodney King more... )

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