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Thursday, 3 March 2011

iPad 2
Our Take: Apple’s iPad 2 Announcement

This morning’s Apple press event has come and gone, and as you likely have noticed, we covered just about every aspect of it. The iPad 2 itself, the new features and apps coming with iOS 4.3, the 100m and 15m iPhone and iPad sales numbers, even the new device’s funky magnetic case.

That said, the announcement was conspicuous for its lack of truly major announcements. Rumors have been flying left and right about potential new features, but virtually none actually manifested. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

Apple Offers New Cover for iPad 2 That Solves the Finger Print Issue

One of the big bits of news coming out of the iPad 2 announcement has nothing to do with hardware or software but with an accessory. Apple has addressed two of my biggest complaints about its pretty devices with a new case/cover. Those two complaints have been a small legend around these pages.

The first is why go to all that trouble to design a beautiful device if it is going to be covered up with a case. The second, well that’s called finger print smudges. We all know what they are and quite honestly, Apple seems to be the only hardware maker that cares about this. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

iPad 2 Announcement

The cameras were ready. The bloggers were seated. The rumor mill finally fell silent. Moments ago we had Apple's long awaited announcement of the iPad 2.

Steve Jobs began by really surveying the success of the iPad over the last year, calling it the"post-PC device." This included discussing how it was being used in Chicago schools, the ability for an autistic youth to get their hands on it and have it change their life, and playing out a video with images designed to pull at the tear strings of the onlookers.

Then it was time to look forward: the iPad 2 announcement. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

Live Blogging the iPad 2 Announcement

Plenty of tech pundits are calling 2011 the year of the tablet. Apple is hoping to make it the year of the iPad. The company has summoned reporters to an event in San Francisco on Wednesday, where it is widely expected to unveil a new version of its popular tablet computer. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

Apple’s iPad 2 announcement – New iPad gets A5, cameras, and an improved design

Happy iPad 2 day! The Apple event is going to kick off in a few minutes (1PM Eastern time, 10am local) and we’ll be updating this page as soon as we hear what’s announced. We’ll be following live blogs to get the news (the event isn’t being streamed live), so be sure to check out PCMag, Engadget, MobileCrunch, Ars Technica, and MacWorld if you want the full firehose. We’ll try to compress the full 60+ minute event into something a bit more digestible. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

Apple's iPad 2 Announcement: What To Expect From Apple's Press Conference

"Come see what 2011 will be the year of," Apple teased in its invitation to an event being held March 2 at which the Cupertino company is expected to unveil the iPad 2.

CrunchGear writes that the announcement of the iPad 2 is " a fact, jack."

So what might the iPad 2 look like? What features can we expect to see? ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

Random House Titles Hit iBooks Shelves Ahead of iPad 2 Announcement

Just ahead of Apple’s upcoming iPad 2 announcement, Random House has begun populating the iBooks Store with such titles as Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. The news comes just after the larger publisher announced it had agreed to the Cupertino, Calif. company’s “agency model” for pricing e-books sold to iPad and iPhone owners.

Earlier this week, Random House said it had adopted Apple’s pricing method for e-books partially at the request of book stores hoping to sell more electronic books to support lagging sales of physical titles. The tech giant has required publishers to adopt the “agency model,” where booksellers receive a 30 percent cut. Some publishers had objected, instead preferring Amazon’s tactic of selling e-books at a loss, hoping the increased demand for electronic reading material would boost its Kindle e-reader. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

Where to find live blogs and coverage of today’s iPad 2 announcement

Apple will unveil its iPad 2 (perhaps with that name, perhaps not) at 1 p.m. ET today, and the tech blogs will be out in force with live coverage.

Almost 15 million iPads have been sold since last spring. But the device’s first real competition, the Android 3.0-powered Motorola Xoom, was only released on Feb. 24.Apple will unveil its iPad 2 (perhaps with that name, perhaps not) at 1 p.m. ET today, and the tech blogs will be out in force with live coverage.

Almost 15 million iPads have been sold since last spring. But the device’s first real competition, the Android 3.0-powered Motorola Xoom, was only released on Feb. 24. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

Apple’s iPad 2 Announcement

It’s that time again. Apple is holding an event, throwing Silicon Valley into a tizzy of speculation.

This time around, the tech giant is expected to unveil a new iPad tablet. The new model already is in production, The Wall Street Journal reported; it’s lighter and thinner, with at least one camera. Apple watchers aren’t expecting revolutionary changes, and it remains to be seen how Apple will sustain buzz for the new product. Another question: whether Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs, who is on a medical leave of absence, will stop by. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

iPad 2 announcement: The book news

Apple made its iPad 2 announcement at a packed press event in San Francisco on Wednesday morning. The big news for books? First: 100 million e-books have been sold through the iBookstore since its April 2010 launch. Second: 17,000 Random House titles will now be available in the iBookstore.

The other big news? Steve Jobs was there and ran the presentation as always, wearing his classic black turtleneck. There had been speculation that Jobs would not participate in the launch event; in January, the longtime Apple chief executive took a medical leave from the company. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

Instant view: Apple CEO Jobs takes stage at iPad event

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Apple Inc Chief Executive Steve Jobs surprised investors by presenting the company's new iPad personally at an event in San Francisco on Wednesday, calming some fears about his health and helping the company's stock higher.

The following is immediate reaction from investors and analysts.


"Steve Jobs is the most important asset for Apple without a doubt and that's why investors are so curious about whether he will remain and continue to have an impact. The stock went up after his appearance but not as much as it normally would if Apple had a fully healthy CEO." ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

Apple's Jobs appears at iPad announcement

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple CEO Steve Jobs briefly emerged from his medical leave and walked on stage to standing ovation Wednesday to unveil the second-generation of the popular iPad, which will go on sale March 11 in the U.S.

Jobs looked frail and wore his signature black mock turtleneck, blue jeans and wire-rimmed glasses.

“We've been working on this product for a while, and I just didn't want to miss today,” Jobs said at the San Francisco event. “Thank you for having me.” ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

Apple White iPad 2 Announced: More than one color!

Today as expected, we saw the official announcement of the Apple iPad 2. Earlier we had been written about the possibility of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, currently on medical absence, being at the event so it was quite thrilling to see the man himself walk onto the stage.

The iPad 2 was then announced and at last we got our first proper look. We’ve already given you news on official pricing and specs and the new design, and will be bringing you more but for now we wanted to pass on the good news that there will also be a White iPad 2. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

iPad 2 announcement : iPad 2 Released

Finally, Apple has revealed the latest iPad, the iPad 2, that will hit store shelves March 11th!

After much anticipation, Apple revealed the follow up to the popular original iPad. The iPad 2 comes equipped with more updates and cooler apps! ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

Apple iPad 2 Release Date March 11, 2011

The Apple iPad 2 will be released on March 11, 2011.

The official Apple iPad 2 release date was announced today and it is March 11, 2011. Whoa! That seems really close to the press conference which is still being held as we speak. I guess Steve Jobs wants to get this brand new iPad on the market as soon as possible. Will you fork over $499 and buy the new iPad 2? ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

iPad 2 Live: iPad 2 Release Accompanied By Flood Of Accessories [The Smart Cover And Combination Charger and HDMI Out Cord Set To Accompany the iPad 2 Release]

If you’re considering buying an iPad 2, and after what all you’ve seen today you just might be–even I’m thinking about it and I’ve been a staunch PC user since I was 14–then you’ll want to know that Apple’s got some added accessories ready to go out to help you make the most of your Apple experience (not to mention lay a few more bucks in Apple’s pocket) a clever combination charger and HDMI cord, and a magnetic angled stand and case called a Smart Cover. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

Apple revs up for iPad 2 launch on March 11

While some competitors are just launching their first tablets, Apple Inc. today announced the second version of its iPad, the iPad 2.

The second tablet from Apple isn't as much of a game changer as the first iPad, but it does deliver on some popular user demands.

In a body that's one-third thinner than the first iPad and thinner still than the iPhone 4, the iPad 2 will be available beginning March 11 in black or white at a starting price of $499. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

Apple: iPad 2 released with a new magnetic cover

Apple have just announced the new version of their mobile operating system iOS 4.3 as well as the all new iPad 2 and its features which have some updates and tweaks and now showing them in the conference they hold in USA. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

iPad 2 release date imminent?

Nintendo's GDC Keynote isn't the only live blog-worthy event going down this afternoon; Apple is said to be announcing the iPad 2 in San Francisco too - and an imminent release date is looking likely.

With the Apple event set to kick off at 6pm GMT this afternoon, US retailer Best Buy has reportedly deleted the original iPad from its retail inventory, suggesting that the second-gen version will hit shops immediately after it's announced, which has happened previously. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

Apple’s iPad 2 has a new cover

Apple has released a new case for the iPad 2. It’s not just a case, it’s a ‘Smart Cover’. Essentially the case is a flap that covers the front of the device. The cover is bendable to allow you to position the iPad as you see fit to create the best viewing angle. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

The iPad 2′s killer feature? Availability – on sale March 11

So the iPad 2 debuted today and it has a killer feature. It’s not the A5 dual-core CPU or the even thinner and lighter body. Rather it’s something far simpler yet out-of-reach for it’s would-be competitors: availability.

Will it reach us in weeks or months? No, the iPad 2 will be out next week, March 11th. That’s U.S. Other countries will follow on March 25th and everyone else shortly thereafter. Exact dates for everyone will no doubt depend on whether we gobble up your supply (sorry in advance), but basically, Apple announced the iPad 2 in March and it will be available in March. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

iPad Announcement : iPad Release Date

Finally, Apple has revealed the latest iPad, the iPad 2, that will hit store shelves March 11th!

After much anticipation, Apple revealed the follow up to the popular original iPad. The iPad 2 comes equipped with more updates and cooler apps! ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

With iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 release, Steve Jobs finally retakes Apple today

Ahead of today’s debut of the iPad 2 and iOS 4.3, one thing is clear: there’s nothing Steve Jobs likes less than when the focus is on him in a way that doesn’t relate to his products. He’s always been happy to take centerstage and show off Apple’s latest wares, but on top of his ongoing struggles with his health, Jobs must be significantly bothered by the fact that questions surrounding his health have largely overshadowed everything else Apple has done thus far in 2011. Part of that is mere well-wishing on the part of the public.

Another part of it is a lack of respect for the man’s privacy. And yet another part is the fact that Apple hasn’t really done anything this year, making it all too tempting for onlookers to shift their Apple-related attention back to Jobs’ health instead of Apple’s products. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

Apple iOS 4.3 Released at iPad 2 Event

Scott Forstall stood on stage after Steve Jobs introduced the first official look at the iPad 2 as we sat in the audience and looked upon the new icon with a gigantic 4.3 emblazoned upon it. This is definitely been in the cannon for a little while, its release being timed perfectly with the release of iPad 2. Safari performance has been improved with the Nitro JavaScript engine (exciting!) iTunes home sharing is introduced, allowing you to get all of your content directly over a Wifi connection.

AirPlay has been improved, with a single tap on the AirPlay icon popping up a window that shows your Apple TV if it’s in range (or whichever other device will play nice with it, we suppose!) ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

Pad 2 brings release of iOS 4.3, with FaceTime and Photo Booth

The iPad 2 launches on March 11th, with a new dual-core A5 processor and HDMI Out capability, but what about the software? Apple announced that the iPad currently has 65,000 apps (compared to 100 for Android Honeycomb tablets), and that the iPad 2 will run the new iOS 4.3.

iOS 4.3 features performance improvements in Safari, thanks to the addition of the Nitro JavaScript engine. It also brings iTunes home sharing, which lets the iPad 2 play content over Wi-Fi from your other networked devices. Oh, and 4.3 also (finally!) lets you decide whether the switch on your iPad is a mute button or an orientation lock. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

Apple iPad 2 release date, specs and price leak online

Amazon Germany leak iPad 2 details ahead of launch

The Apple iPad 2 has appeared online with the second-gen tablet’s release date, specification and pricing leaked just hours ahead of its official unveiling.

Responsible for the outing, Amazon Germany has once again made the slip, posting the upcoming device ahead of its formal announcement. Although having since been taken down, screen shots from the site grabbed by YourAppleDaily.net reveal the pre-emptive posting. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

iPad 2 release date and spec outed on Amazon Germany

Amazon Germany could have made a massive slip up and accidentally let slip the price and release date of the forthcoming iPad 2.

According to a screengrab sent to YourAppleDaily.net (the Amazon page has since been taken down) the new iPad sadly will be more evolutionary rather than revolutionary if the specs are to be believed. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

New Apple iPad 2 Release Date, Price, and Specs Leaked before Apple Announcement

The new Apple iPad 2 release date, price, and specs have been leaked on Amazon's Germany website. Apple will be holding the iPad 2 announcement in just about two hours from now and you can watch the live stream at 10:00 AM PST or 1:00 PM EST time. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

iPad 2 release date and specs leaked by Amazon Germany

The German arm of Amazon has accidentally let slip details on the iPad 2. Fansite Your Daily Apple received a screenshot of a page that’s since been taken down; according to it the new Apple device will rock a 1.2GHz processor (up from 1GHz on the original), Thunderbolt port, and camera (though it doesn’t specify front or rear facing, or both) – all as expected. And that release date? Closer than you might expect… ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

“iPad 2 day” also includes release date of BlackBerry PlayBook, and TouchPad “joke”

BlackBerry PlayBook release date “leaked” on the iPad 2 “day.”

What a coincidence.

While we’re waiting for the iPad 2 announcement today in California at around 1 PM ET, multiple sources tell BGR that the BlackBerry PlayBook might hit United States store next month.

The said tablet is Research in Motion’s first-ever slate with capacitive touchscreen size of 7 inches, dual-core processor, cameras and other goodies not supported by the current version of the iPad. ( Read iPad 2 Announcement more... )

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