Senate Bill 5 Ohio

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Senate Bill 5 Ohio
Ohio Senate passes collective bargaining overhaul bill

The Ohio Senate voted 17-16 Wednesday to pass a bill that has stirred weeks of protests at the Statehouse, drawing more than 15,000 total protesters.

Senate Bill 5 would substantially overhaul a 23-year-old collective bargaining law, which gave public employees the right to bargain for their wages, hours, working conditions and benefits.

Six republicans broke from their party and joined all 10 Senate Democrats in voting against the bill, which will now be sent to the Ohio House of Representatives. Majority leader William G. Batchelder, R-Medina, plans to bring the bill for a vote by March 15, when hearings on Gov. John Kasich's budget proposal are scheduled to begin. ( Read Senate Bill 5 Ohio more... )

Senate Passage of Ohio Senate Bill 5 Draws Criticism From Lawmaker

BELMONT COUNTY -- Ohio State Senator Jason Wilson (D) was quick to react to the advancement of Senate Bill 5.

Wilson has, all along, opposed the measure saying it's aimed at breaking unions.

But Wednesday, the legislation passed by one vote as Wilson joined six other republicans to vote against the measure. Wilson said there were thirteen amendments to the final bill which, he says, is worse than the original. ( Read Senate Bill 5 Ohio more... )

Senate Bill 5 approved by narrow margin

COLUMBUS — By one vote, a bitterly divided Ohio Senate approved a sweeping overhaul of the state’s 27-year-old collective bargaining law Wednesday.

Supporters including Gov. John Kasich praised Senate Bill 5 as a win for governments trying to balance budgets, while opponents said it is the beginning of the end for union protection of public worker pay, hours and safety. ( Read Senate Bill 5 Ohio more... )

Hundreds Protest After Ohio Senate Passes Bill 5

Hundreds of government employees protested in Painesville Wednesday, as the Ohio Senate passed a bill which will ban public workers from striking and restricts collective bargaining.

The bill which passed by a 17-16 vote overhauls the state's 27-year-old collective bargaining law. All 'yes' votes came from the GOP.

Roughly 350,000 teachers, university professors, firefighters, police officers and other public employees fall under the legal realm of the bill.

"It takes away our bargaining rights. We have no recourse if things don't look good for us, everything is in favor of the city," firefighter Jim Ulle, said at the protest. ( Read Senate Bill 5 Ohio more... )

Committee passes Ohio bill to ban worker strikes

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A bill to overhaul and greatly restrict collective bargaining rights for public workers in Ohio is headed to a vote before a Republican-led state Senate.

The chamber was expected to take up the measure Wednesday afternoon after the bill passed out of committee on a 7-5 vote. All four Democrats and one Republican voted against it in the Senate labor committee.

The approval came after Senate leadership replaced a GOP state senator who expressed his disapproval of the legislation, securing the necessary support to move the bill forward. ( Read Senate Bill 5 Ohio more... )

8,500 union protesters rally at Ohio Statehouse over Senate Bill 5

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio Senate Republicans continued to massage a collective bargaining proposal in a Statehouse committee, introducing 15 amendments to Senate Bill 5, as public union workers again led a spirited daylong rally outside against the proposal.

The changes proposed to the bill today include new procedures for settling workplace disputes with management to replace binding arbitration, caps on employee vacation and sick leave payments, and prohibiting basing layoff orders solely on seniority. ( Read Senate Bill 5 Ohio more... )

Supporters from across Ohio gather for the Rally to Save Ohio's Middle Class

Thousands of supporters from across Ohio gathered in the west lawn of the Statehouse today for the Rally to Save Ohio's Middle Class. The rally was organized to oppose Ohio Senate Bill 5, which would eliminate collective bargaining for state employees, and restrict collective bargaining rights for teachers, police, and firefighters.

Sr. Monica McGloin, a member of the Dominican Sisters of Hope and the Cincinnati Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice, pulled no punches in lambasting Governor Kasich "and his Wall Street cronies. They were fueled by corporate greed, and now they want to tell us that we should do with less." ( Read Senate Bill 5 Ohio more... )

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