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Thursday, 3 March 2011

iPad 2 vs Xoom, iPad 2, Xoom
No Apps, No Sale: iPad 2 Vs. Motorola Xoom Vs. RIM Playbook Vs. HP TouchPad

So, now that I’ve seen the iPad 2, see my short video above, or go and watch all the videos over on Apple’s website or view the pages of content poured into blogs over on Techmeme.

We now know what the choice is:

1. Apple iPad 2. Has apps.
2. Motorola Xoom. Has no apps.
3. HP TouchPad. Has no apps.
4. RIM PlayBook. Has no apps.

No apps, no sale.

It really is that simple. ( Read iPad 2 vs Xoom more... )

Tablet Wars : iPad 2 vs. Motorola Xoom vs. HP TouchPad vs. BlackBerry PlayBook

Here you go Guys this is what you will probably need to decide the fate of your hard earned money. The top Tablets so far head to head. ( Read iPad 2 vs Xoom more... )

Tale of the Tape: iPad 2 vs Xoom vs PlayBook vs TouchPad

Apple just announced the iPad 2, and it adds some sweet features, including a fast dual-core processor and dual cameras. You also get a considerably thinner and lighter design.

But how does this much-anticipated tablet stack up to other high-profile slates? For your spec-comparing pleasure, we’ve pitted what we know about the iPad 2 against three other top tablets that are already available or coming to market soon: the BlackBerry PlayBook, the HP TouchPad, and the Motorola Xoom. Let’s get it on! ( Read iPad 2 vs Xoom more... )

iPad 2 vs. Motorola Xoom vs. HP TouchPad vs. BlackBerry PlayBook: the tale of the tape

You might recall we ran this comparison about a month back when HP's TouchPad was announced, but now we're back with a full set of 2011 devices as Apple's brand new iPad 2 has joined the fray. There's no need for excessive introductions, really, just leap past the break to get swalloped up by an avalanche of next-generation tablet specs. ( Read iPad 2 vs Xoom more... )

New iPad 2 vs Motorola Xoom: Apple Comes Blazing Back

Earlier this week we pitted the original iPad to the Motorola Xoom, however now that the new iPad 2 has been officially unveiled with specs in tow, we're going to be able to put both 2011 models up against each other, leveling the playing field so to speak. So lets get to it.( Read iPad 2 vs Xoom more... )

iPad vs. Xoom vs. iPad 2 Spec Comparison Chart [UPDATE]

Apple’s much anticipated iPad 2 was announced Wednesday, and we were interested in comparing the specs to both the original iPad and Motorola’s recently announced Xoom Android tablet.

As you can see below, both the iPad 2 and the Xoom each have a few specs in their favor, but the iPad 2 is clearly the best when it comes to size, weight, price, and battery life. Apple’s iPad 2 also has the benefit of LED backlighting, which for many will be enough to overcome the Xoom’s higher resolution (see below) in terms of picture quality).

iPad also has both higher and lower storage options, making the device more flexible in terms of both usage and pricing. ( Read iPad 2 vs Xoom more... )

Tablet Tumble: iPad 2 vs. Motorola Xoom

The success of Apple's iPad tablet last year sent its competitors scrambling to come up with similar products, including the BlackBerry PlayBook, the Motorola Xoom and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

But despite all these new entries into the tablet market, Apple remains the definitive standard for what a tablet computer should be as evidenced by the release of its iPad 2 today.

(See: "Jobs unveils sleeker, more powerful iPad 2 at same price".) The launch of the iPad 2 not only took some of the buzz away from Motorola's just-released Android-based Xoom tablet, but it also served notice to the rest of the industry that Apple wouldn't be resting on its laurels anytime soon. In this article we'll take a look at how the iPad 2 stacks up against the Motorola Xoom when it comes to hardware, operating systems, connectivity options and pricing. ( Read iPad 2 vs Xoom more... )

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