Coupons Site Intitle Google Offers

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Google Offers oupons Deal, Google Coupon, Google Maps

Coupons Site Intitle Google Offers

Coupons Site Intitle Google Offers, Google and $ 6 billion offer for Groupon did not work, but he loses no time to prepare its own competing products Google offers local advertising. The first signs of deals Google has released last week.

Google has confirmed, calling it a “test of a prepaid / voucher program, but gave no further details. ( Readmore... )

Google Offers coupons previews available through

A few weeks ago, there were rumors that Google was trying to purchase Groupon. When that was unsuccessful, Google announced it was going to start Google Offers. Today, using the exact search term “coupons site: intitle:google offers” appears to show a soft launch of the service. ( Readmore... )

Google Launches Local Deals Product "Offers"

People love getting great local deals in their city or town, which is why Google made an aggressive push to buy Groupon just a couple of months ago. Well that didnt' work out (apparently $6 billion doesn't get you much these days) so now Google has launched its own alternative to Groupon and LivingSocial: Google Offers. ( Readmore... )

'Google Offers' Now Has 2,800 Deals Online

The Google Offers service that is set to take on Groupon has already had a soft launch and you can now check out the great deals Google Offers has in store by simply googling "coupons intitle:Google Offers" via any Google search box. ( Readmore... )

Courtesy : U.S.S.Post , Personal Money Store , Buzz Punching & Gizmo Crunch

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