What Channel is The Pro Bowl On

Monday, 31 January 2011

What Channel is the Pro Bowl on and Why Does Anybody Care ?

While millions are probably wondering what time and what channel the Pro Bowl is on today, I have generally not seen the point behind the NFL's version of an All-Star game. The game has traditionally been played
the week after Super Bowl, which is the preeminent football and sporting event in the country. While in recent years, the NFL has moved the Pro bowl to the Sunday before the Super Bowl, it still gets far less 'juice' than the rest of the Super Bowl week.

Football is simply not a game that can be played halfway and be any good. While I am admittedly not a big fan of All-Star games of any sort to begin with, I do acknowledge that certain aspects of the All Star games in other sports, particularly in the NBA and Major League Baseball, can be attractive.

Even though the NBA All-Star generally lacks a serious attempt at defense by either team, the offensive displays can be found to watch. Similarly, when a player does decide to play defense, he will do so in a one on one fashion, making for some compelling enough matchups.

Similarly in baseball, a great hitter can face a great hitter in an All-Star game and the matchup itself can be interesting as they are both doing what they would basically be doing during the regular season, even if the ultimate score of the game is of little importance to players on both teams.

But the Pro Bowl is different because football is different. Unlike the marathons that the other sports leagues' seasons are, football is a short season with only 16 regular season games. There is a reason for this as teams know they have to play with complete intensity each week. It would be foolish for a shortstop to play in a given game if he were hurt and was risking serious knee injury, for example. There are far too many games in baseball to take that kind of risk, generally.

In the NFL, though, every player plays every game unless they are hurt to the point that they simply cannot play.

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