Monday, 31 January 2011

J Street's Hypocrisy On Bipartisan Support for Israel

Last week Rand Paul, a new Republican senator recently elected on the Tea Party’s coattails, said to Wolf Blitzer on CNN that the US should end its foreign aid policy entirely, including any that goes to Israel and to Egypt. ( Read Hypocrisy more... )

America’s Hypocrisy: Empty Words to Egypt’s People and Support for Mubarak

America does not want Mubarak to fall. Neither does Israel. A pan-Arabic secular revolution uniting the people of Egypt with the Tunisian Jasmine revolution, the Iranian Green revolution, Algeria, Yemen, Jordan, Syria, and perhaps beginning in Saudi Arabia (demonstrations started today), is not what Israel wants. A revolution of the Arab people against corruption and totalitarian governments will not tolerate Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. ( Read Hypocrisy more... )

Blasphemy Law and Hypocrisy

After the assassination of Governor of Punjab Salman Taseer, the issue of Blasphemy law has become a focal point of discussion not only in national and international media but also in every nook and corner of our country. In view of the fact that blasphemy law was misused in the past, and some non-Muslims as well Muslims were framed by their opponents, some scholars like Javed Ahmed Ghamidi were of the view that it needed to be amended.

The major problem is not whether the law needs an amendment or another piece of law could be enacted to ward off possibility of misuse of the law. The most disturbing aspect is that extremism has ingrained in our society, as the people take law into their own hands in the name of religion. And the worst part is that they are projected as heroes. ( Read Hypocrisy more... )

Hypocrisy of the worst kind

Tremendous news. BSkyB chief executive Jeremy Darroch has described the various sexist comments made by the departed duo of Andy Gray and Richard Keys as "totally unacceptable . . . against everything Sky Sports stands for." Hurray for Jeremy. And hurray for Sky Sports. ( Read Hypocrisy more... )

State of Union speech confirmed Obama's Hypocrisy

It is ironic that President Barack Obama could stand before Congress and call for unity between the two parties during his State of the Union speech. This from the man who, in the early days of his administration, told the leaders of the Republican members of Congress, "We won.”

When he held the televised bipartisan meeting on the health care bill, he was unable to hide his anger when members of the other side brought up ideas that did not coincide with his preconceived plans. During the same meeting he childishly made an obscene gesture when Mr. Ryan presented a well thought out point. ( Read Hypocrisy more... )

Hypocrisy At The University Of Colombo

What happens when an institute of higher education, endowed with the responsibility to provide everything in its power towards improving the educational experience of its students, fails to do so? What happens when an esteemed institute of learning, renowned for its fame as one of the best universities in the region, gets pulled down by petty political interest and makes decisions contrary to the spirit of education and free expression ? ( Read Hypocrisy more... )

The Hypocrisy of Sky Sports over Andy Gray sacking

IT has been quite a week. Riots on the streets of Egypt, and other corrupt nations in the region likely to be shaken, and maybe even on the verge of collapse.

Like the Sphinx’s nose, large swathes of the Middle East could crumble into nothingness. ( Read Hypocrisy more... )

Courtesy : Jewlicious , New Junkie Post , Pakistan Observer , Independent.ie , Jackson Sun & The Sunday Leader

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