Varsity Blues

Monday, 31 January 2011

Varsity Blues

Varsity Blues

Varsity Blues, Ownership of more than 1,400 hundred fans at Memorial Gardens, it is not surprising that the Lakers are playing please. All three periods of regulation play was tightened between the Lakers and the Queen’s Gaels. The shots and saves them as did not stop either side. One stroke made the difference though. ( Read Varsity Blues more... )

Varsity Blues

Varsity Blues. TORONTO, Ont. - The men's
volleyball team traveled to
Toronto's Athletic Centre
Sunday afternoon to take on
the Varsity Blues and were
defeated 3-1. The men were energetic as
they entered the game and
came out swinging against U of
T as they handed them a quick
first set victory by a score of ( Read Varsity Blues more... )

Spotlight On: The Varsity Blues Nordic Ski Team

With the first race in their competitive season just two weeks away, the Varsity Blues Nordic Ski team is gearing up for a snowy ride.

The team, which is comprised of seven women and ten men, trains all year round and is coached by Hans Fischer, who has been a team member since 1999. ( Read Varsity Blues more... )


Crawfordsville coach David Pierce said after his team's 77-48 win over Southmont that they had focused all week prior on being a multi-dimensional team, and having five players on the floor who were all capable of scoring.

And as four of the five Athenian starters finished with double-figure scoring on the night, it seems that they were able to complete they accomplished just that.

Crawfordsville (8-4, 1-2 SAC) was led by Trent Crabtree, who put up 21 points, and Caleb Rasmussen who finished with 16 points.

Crawfordsville has now beat Southmont twice this season, and by a combined total of 42 points. Both of Southmont's defeats have come on the Athenian's home floor. The first was in the first-round of this year's Sugar Creek Classic. ( Read Varsity Blues more... )

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Courtesy : U.S.S.Post , VonShred , The Varsity & The Montgomery Paper

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