Millrose Games 2011

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Millrose Games 2011

Millrose At MSG: When The Circus Comes To Town (2011 Millrose Games Preview)

By Emory Mort,
January 27, 2011

Every pro track meet is essentially a circus minus the animals, but the Millrose Games might be the best freak show around. First of all, you've got the most massive and skinny pros, then you add the high schoolers and college kids, the ageless masters wonders of the US, the surprisingly not washed-up menagerie of current and former pro athletes in the "Super 60" (if you put the word Super in front of the event title, that will make it more interesting, right?), and the clown portion of the evening otherwise known as pro race-walking (how a race-walking mockumentary has never been made, I don't know).

Then you mix all of these intercontinental freaks together in the cement underbelly of Madison Square Garden in the middle of winter and, somewhat like Barnum & Bailey (without the knack for putting on a show of interest to even a minuscule portion of the US's grandest city), a respectable but not as profitable freak show is born. ( Read Millrose Games 2011 more... )

Lagat to go for ninth Mile win at Millrose Games

New York, USA - Friday night (28th) New York City's Madison Square Garden will once again see its distinctive 160-yard (146.3m) track crammed onto the arena floor as the 2011 IAAF Indoor Permit season begins at the 104th Millrose Games.

The lengthy history of Millrose combined with the evolving face of athletics has given the fixture a unique timetable. Traditional events like the capstone Wanamaker Mile will rub elbows with newcomers like the women's Pole Vault and one-off events like the New York Police Department vs. Fire Department relay and the second annual "Super 60" featuring professional athletes from outside athletics. ( Read Millrose Games 2011 more... )

Watch Millrose Games Live Stream

Track & field queen Veronica Campbell-Brown leads Jamaican entries into Friday's 104th staging of the Millrose Games in Madison Square Gardens, New York.

Campbell-Brown will run the 60m and will be a part of the Jamaican selection, which includes Vonette Dixon and Trisha-Ann Hawthorne in the clash against the Americans. ( Read Millrose Games 2011 more... )

Millrose Games promises excitement as World Champs looms

New York, USA — A number of Jamaican athletes will compete at the 104th staging of the Millrose Games, which will be held at Madison Square Gardens this Friday starting at 4:00 pm.

This event is the first in the VISA championship series to kick off the official start of the track and field season for 2011. Fans can expect to experience a night at the world-renowned Madison Square Garden with the ambience, history and great international competition that Millrose has to offer, on any budget. ( Read Millrose Games 2011 more... )

Courtesy : Lets Run , IAAF , Track Alerts & Jamaica Observer

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