12 Amazing PC Case Designs

Saturday, 29 January 2011

12 Amazing PC Case Designs

Many hardware enthusiasts love to design and create unique cases for their computers. This post showcases the most creative and original case mods.

Beer Keg Computer

Gamer/modder Ben Lzicar turned a beer keg into a computer case. [link]

Beer Keg Computer Case

Piano Computer

Vintage piano shell was transformed into a concealable workstation. [link]

Piano Computer Case

Concrete PC Case

Unusual computer case made from a strong layer of concrete. [link]

Concrete PC Case

Aquarium Computer

Beautiful computer case looks and functions like a real aquarium. [link]

Aquarium Computer Case

Steampunk Computer

Wooden computer case inspired by the Steampunk movement. [link]

Steampunk Computer Case

Motorcycle Computer

This cool PC case is actually a mini version of a real motorcycle. [link]

Motorcycle Computer Case

VW Bus Computer Case

VW Bus Computer Case

BBQ Grill Computer

FIFA 10 computer case was designed to look like a barbecue grill. [link]

BBQ Grill Computer Case

Kratos PC Case

Computer case inspired by the main character from God of War games.

Toy Car PC Case

Oven Computer

MiniCooker computer case by Zbysek looks like a small over/stove. [link]

Oven Computer Case

Scooter Computer

Mobile computing: water cooled computer and scooter combo. [link]

Scooter Computer Case

Source : Toxel

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