PS3 Update 3.56

Thursday, 27 January 2011

PS3 Update 3.56

PS3 Firmware 3.56 Update is Now Available, Details Incoming

Download: PS3 Firmware 3.56 Update (US) / PS3 Firmware 3.56 Update (EU) / PS3 Firmware 3.56 Keys

According to VP of Network Operations Americas Eric Lempel via Sony's official blog on the update, to quote: "A new PS3 system software update, v3.56, will be released soon. This is a minor update that adds a security patch." ( Readmore... )

PS3 3.56 Firmware Update Now Live

Sony has released the 3.56 firmware update for the PlayStation 3, which will effectively invalidate homebrew software and combat piracy. ( Readmore... )

PS3 Firmware 3.56 Update is Now Available, Details Incoming

Just under two months since the [url=]previous[/url] PlayStation 3 system software update has passed, and today Sony has released PS3 Firmware version 3.56. ( Readmore... )

Sony pushes PS3 3.56 update in likely anti-jailbreak move

Sony said late Wednesday that it would soon push out a 3.56 firmware update for the PS3. The company wouldn't give details other than that it would add a "security patch." Most expect that it will attempt to close up the holes exposed by Geohot and fail0verflow that prompted a DMCA lawsuit. ( Readmore... )

Forums - Sony Discussion - 3.56 Update – Breaks PS3 Homebrew

Confirmed: PS3 3.56 currently kills homebrew – installing over with current existing CFW’s does NOT work.

According to PSX-Scene the new update contains a new .SELF with an unknown KEY and all homebrew tools will have to be updated in order to restore their functionality. You can also read a log of what a few devs are thinking of v3.56 HERE.

Good ole’ KaKaRoToKS is hard at work in cracking the new firmware, updates from his Twitter:

isoldr keys are now pushed too. ( Readmore... )

PS3 Updated To Firmware 3.56

If you’ve logged in to the PlayStation Network in the past couple of hours, you may have noticed that a new firmware update has went live. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it adds anything nifty as the PlayStation Blog is just calling it “a minor update that adds a security patch.” It’ll be interesting to see if this plugs any holes that hackers have created in the PS3′s armor. ( Readmore... )

Geohot jailbreaks PS3 firmware 3.55 and releases signing tools

Just days after releasing the root key for the PlayStation 3, opening up the console to homebrew, custom firmwares and more, Geohot has released a jailbreak for firmware version 3.55. ( Readmore... )

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