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Kauai & Maui Ban Plastic Bags: 4 Fashionable Alternatives

Kauai has officially joined Maui in banning plastic bags. Since January 11, 2011, violations of the ban will be penalized by $250 in Kauai and $500 in Maui. This ban will help to protect marine life who often mistake plastic debris for food and get sick or sometimes die when eating it. ( Read Kauai more... )

Kauai : No More Plastic Bags

Kauai joins American Samoa in banning plastic shopping bags.-Plastic shopping bags are now banned from use in Maui and Kauai counties.

The ban went into effect January 11,2011. Penalties start at $250 for initial violations and then an increased amount with each additional violation. ( Read Kauai more... )

Kauai - Botanical paradise ?

A recent travel news article called Kauai, one of the Hawaiian Islands, a botanical paradise, and then talked about the all the remarkable plants: crotons, bougainvilleas, plumerias, philodendrons, mango, guava (!), poinsettia, hibiscus, and so on. No question that such plants grow well, even luxuriously in the wet tropical climate of Kauai, but like most visitors to this island, the travel writer had not seen one single native plant. The plants they noticed are what the Phactor calls "UTF", ubiquitous tropical flora, widely planted ornamentals. There are two factors at work here. ( Read Kauai more... )


Kauai, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today welcomed the mayors, county councils and residents of Maui and Hawaii counties of Kauai for the Prohibition of restrictions adopting plastic bags – reduce waste and environmental protection in one action. “The leadership shown by the counties of Maui and Kauai to ban these bags will help keep their environment pristine,” said Jared Blumenfeld, EPA regional administrator for the Pacific Southwest.

“This will not only reduce the amount of plastic in the counties, but it will reduce the number of bags that end up in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch -. A huge area of floating plastic waste” ( Read Kauai more... )

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Courtesy : Child MODE , LongIslandPress , The Phytophactor & U.S.S.Post

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