Hair Flair

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Hair Flair

Hair Flair Flares in Awesomeness

The Original FlairHair Visor is the hot new hat product sweeping the United States and international countries alike. The spiky hair phenomenon is available in a collection of different hair and visor color selections. Even those with a full head of hair will enjoy the cleverness of this product by enhancing their image or just having fun with it!

Flair Hair Visors are also available in a licensed sports line. Collegiate, NFL, MBL, NBA, NHL, and Country themed products are a spirited addition to our family tickling sports fans everywhere. ( Read Hair Flair more... )

Hair Flairs: The Hottest New Hair Accessory As Seen On Oprah

I happened to be watching The Oprah Show today and one of the women, who had been on the show previously was giving an update on her current situation, but as she was talking my eyes went straight to her hair. It seemed as though her hair was literally sparkling blonde. My first thought was wow, that is some cool hair dye, but what hair dye adds actual ‘sparkle’ to your locks? ( Read Hair Flair more... )

Hair Flair: Hair Flares

Are you looking for some extra sparkle and shine? There are a lot of people that are interested in the new fad that is going on. Beyonce had some crazy sexy hair at the Grammy’s using some of these. Hair flair is going to be in this summer for sure.

Hair flair is just another way for women to show off their beautiful hair. These are pretty simple as well you just have to knot the pieces of tinsel into your hair. You can use different colors and they can actually last for up to two weeks. Are you going to get your hair flair on ? ( Read Hair Flair more... )

Hair Flair – The Visor Hat With a Head of Hair

Want to have some Hair Flair? Well now is your chance. Flair Hair is the worlds one and only visor hat that features a built in head of hair. Hey, we all have bad hair days; Some of us have No Hair Days.

This hat fixes all of that and it looks real! As real as the hair looks the Flair Hair Visor is all for fun! Nobody would ever suspect the crazy, spiky hair on your head is not your own! ( Read Hair Flair more... )

Hair Flair: A New Glam Hair Trend On The Rise

There’s a new hair trend in town: Hair flairs. Or Hair Flares. Depending on who you ask.

Tiny stands of tinsel woven are into your hair, taking “high lights” to a new level. The tinsel comes in a whole range of colors and lasts about two or more weeks, even through showering, blow drying and curling your hair. ( Read Hair Flair more... )

Hair Flares Add Flair to Wardrobes

( - A new trend by some of the top stars in Hollywood and on reality television known as hair flares or hair flair has taken the fashion world by storm with people finding sources for these additions.

The hair flares are small tinsel like strands of material that people work into their hair. The hair flares change the look of your whole head with choices of several colors and do not have to be removed the same day as they can last in a person's hair for more than a week or longer. ( Read Hair Flair more... )

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