NHL All Star Draft

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Eric Staal

NHL All-Star Draft Running Diary

Tonight was the inaugural NHL All-Star Draft, so I figured I would document this awkward made-for-TV malarkey historic event.

Eric Staal and Nicklas Lidstrom were named as the captains. Mike Green and Ryan Kesler were named alternate captains of Team Staal, while Martin St. Louis and Patrick Kane were selected to wear the A's for Team Lidstrom. Team Staal will wear white and red jerseys. Team Lidstrom will wear blue jerseys. ( Read NHL All Star Draft more... )

NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft has a schoolyard feel to it

RALEIGH, N.C. — Eric Staal played to the crowd by drafting his Carolina teammates and pleased his mother by claiming his younger brother. The Sedin twins ended up on different teams and Patrick Kane made roommate Jonathan Toews sweat nine rounds before choosing him. ( Read NHL All Star Draft more... )

Cox: All-star draft shines spotlight on NHL’s future

In some circumstances, the youngest shall lead.

But not in this case. Not at the NHL all-star game. Not at the 58th such contest in a long series that, in a hockey kind of way, is trying to get all Hollywood this week.

There are red carpets for the players, wild “Guardian Project” cartoons to sell the game and fireworks for the fans, all contributing to an overall a sense that if the Winter Classic is, at least in theory, about going back to the roots of the sport, the all-star game is more about searching for some glitzy future. ( Read NHL All Star Draft more... )

NHL All-Star draft tonight

In the NHL's continuing search for meaning to its All-Star Game, they're turning it into a pickup match.

Fine. The ideal of Stanley Cup winner vs. The Best is the most compelling since there's no more USSR, but it would be a genuine hardship for the champs. So it's a show, a party, a method to make money, and often, fun and even memorable.

To some players, Sunday's show in Raleigh, N.C., is a burden best skipped, for injury existing or feared, R&R or simple ennui. But sometimes, elders embrace the honor. ( Read NHL All Star Draft more... )

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Courtesy : Stanley Cup of Chowder , USA Today ,The Star & New York Post

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