TV’s 25 Most Reprehensible Characters

Friday, 28 January 2011

1. Bender, Futurama.

Bender is the ultimate of thieving, selfish, and crude robots is Matt Groening-created cartoon show Futurama. The show was temporarily cancelled, but fan demand brought it back.

2. Syler, Heroes.

A superhuman who gets his power by stealing it from others, which kills them, desires to destroy the world.

3. Archie Bunker, All In The Family.

A highly prejudiced, bigoted blue-collar worker, who believes everyone should feel the same way he does. This was Carroll O’Connor’s greatest role, and so surprising because he was the absolute opposite of the character he played.

4. Mr. (Charles Montgomery) Burns, The Simpsons.

A rich, cruel, evil, money-loving business owner. The video clip below is set to Voltaire’s “When You’re Evil.”

5. Frank Costanza, Seinfeld.

Screaming lunatic that emotionally crippled George Costanza.

6. Dr. Perry Cox, Scrubs.

A sarcastic and bitter but great doctor who cruelly teases his patients and his interns/coworkers alike, even though he wants to be liked.

7. Denny Crane, Boston Legal.

A proud, self-centered, founding partner of the film, who insists he has never lost a case.

8. Red Foreman, That 70′s Show.

Father who mentally and verbally abuses his son while worshipping his stupid, slutty daughter. Watch out for his foot in your ass.

9. Tommy Gavin, Rescue Me.

A self-destructive, manipulative character who is an ill-tempered former alcoholic.

10. Emily Gilmore, Gilmore Girls.

The rich, shallow, bigoted mother who makes life miserable for her daughter and granddaughter.

11. Dale Gribble, King of the Hill.

Self-centered and so incredibly stupid that he doesn’t realized how stupid he really is. Maybe it’s all the insect repellant he’s used for his extermination business. Here’s a live-action interpretation of Dale Gribble, below.

12. Stewie Griffin, Family Guy.

A weapon and sex-obsessed baby baby who dreams of sex, world takeover and killing his mother.

13. Grace Hanadarko, Saving Grace.

A lying, incredibly promiscuous, frequently adulterous, practically alcoholic incredibly competent police woman.

14. Dr. Gregory House, House.

A bitter, loathsome, selfish, nasty and often terrifying doctor who frequently cures his patients through questionable means, and treats his coworkers horribly.

15. Samantha Jones, Sex and the City.

A selfish, confident, and beautiful woman who would willing have sex with anyone that moves at least once. Warning, video below portrays mature subjects.

16. Cosmo Kramer, Seinfeld.

Crazy and erratic, loud and obnoxious, seemingly unaware of social norms. Suprisingly befriended by Jerry Seinfeld over Newman. Michael Richards portrayal of Kramer was enhanced by his Vaudevillian-style physical comedy.

17. Vic Mackey, The Shield.

The leader of a police station and a man who will do anything to maintain justice and profit for himself.

18. Dr. Gregory Pratt, ER.

A cocky, proud, and successful physician who takes unnecessary risks, but in his personal and career life.

19. Michael Scofield, Prison Break.

A cold but empathetic creative genius who is trying to break himself and his brother out of prison.

20. Dwight, The Office.

A naïve, barely competent salesman who has an over-important view of himself and thinks the world should worship him.

21. Homer Simpson, The Simpsons.

Horrifyingly stupid person who is also lazy and self-centered, but who loves his family dearly.

22. Arvin Sloane, Alias.

The leader of SD-6, calculating, cold, cruel, and manipulative. The ultimate bad guy.

23. Christian Troy, Nip/Tuck.

An overpaid womanizer who spends his money on big-name products to make himself look as important as he thinks he is, and cares only about himself. The ultimate hedonist. (Warning: coarse language and mature topics in video below.)

24. Donald Trump, The Apprentice.

Trump is a rich, senile, toupeed old man who gives himself more credit than he’s worth. And after uttering “you’re fired” to numerous Apprentices, the king of real estate bankruptcy was fired himself, with CBS cancelling the show.

25. Kerry Weaver, ER.

An ambitious, cold and abrasive, lesbian physician who has a son of whom she is highly protective.

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