NHL Skills Competition 2011

Sunday, 30 January 2011

NHL Skills Competition 2011


NHL SKILLS COMPETITION 2011, The project is an opportunity to see the humor in spite of, and the personality of NHL players in a way unprecedented. Two captains, Niklas Lidstrom of Detroit and Eric Staal of the Carolina Hurricanes hometown, have the honor of drafting teams for the All-Star Game. The teams will also play in the skills competition Saturday with twelve players’ beginners. Lidstrom and Staal will be assisted by a cabinet of two captains who were appointed by each team in the NHL. Martin St. Louis and Patrick Kane will help the team Lidstrom and Mike Green and Ryan Kesler will Eric Staal. ( Read NHL Skills Competition 2011 more... )

NHL Skills Competition 2011

The All-Star Game is preceded by the NHL All-Star Skills Competition, a competition showing the various talents of the all-stars, and the NHL YoungStars Game, an exhibition game not exclusively featuring rookies, playing under slightly modified rules. Competition includes:

NHL Skills Competition 2011 to Continue All Star Momentum?

The NHL skills competition 2011 is playing second fiddle this weekend. Normally, the NHL skills competition 2011 would be the major event before the All Star Game tomorrow.

However, the new All Star Draft idea has stolen the spotlight in Carolina this year. After Eric Stall and Nicklas Lidstrom selected their teams in last night's big show, it may be hard for the rest of the weekend to top it. Yet the NHL skills competition 2011 might have a better chance to do that than the All Star Game itself. ( Read NHL Skills Competition 2011 more... )

2011 NHL All Star Game: NHL Skills Competition 2011: Challenge Relay

This is a new competition for the 2011 NHL Skills Competition. On paper, this one seems a bit hard to follow.

The contest consists of four relays:

One timers: three shooter and one passer ( Read NHL Skills Competition 2011 more... )

4 Blackhawks set for All-Star skills competition

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Four Blackhawks got their marching orders for Saturday night's NHL SuperSkills competition at RBC Arena in Raleigh, N.C.

The NHL's best players have gathered for this weekend's events which will conclude with the 2011 All-Star Game on Sunday. First, though, the stars will compete Saturday night in skills competitions, including fastest skater, breakaway challenge, accuracy shooting, skills challenge relay, hardest shot and elimination shootout. ( Read NHL Skills Competition 2011 more... )

Your Sports TV Schedule, 1/29: Bulls/Pacers, NHL Skills Competition, Ohio State/Northwestern

The Bulls are playing another back-to-back, so familiar this month. At least these two are both home games. As far as the "Skills Competition" the NHL is having prior to tomorrow's All-Star Game, it seems to me that it would be like watching baseball pitchers try to throw their fastest fastball, or seeing how far an outfielder could throw. But to each sport its own. ( Read NHL Skills Competition 2011 more... )

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