Kevin Nash

Monday, 31 January 2011

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash And Booker T Are Ready To Royal Rumble

The 2011 Royal Rumble just got a lot more interesting: Dave Meltzer reports that Kevin Nash and Booker T will be at the 2011 Royal Rumble and likely mystery entrants.

The WWE signings also kill an angle that TNA Wrestling have been booking in which Nash and T were scheduled to be the big payoff. ( Read Kevin Nash more... )

New England Patriots, Kevin Nash, Novak Djokovic and Sunday's Top Sports Buzz

It's the Sunday before Super Bowl Sunday, which is often dogged for being one of the slowest weeks in the sports world.

But instead of succumbing to general perception, I'm here to tell you that there are plenty of big stories developing across the globe that you need to be brought up to speed on. ( Read Kevin Nash more... )

VIDEO: Kevin Nash interview at Boston Airport, ready for Royal Rumble

Wrestlezone's Justin Labar was on scene at an airport in Boston which is hosting tonight's Royal Rumble, and caught an impromptu interview with "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash. You can watch the whole 1:47 video in the link posted on the left hand side of the screen. ( Read Kevin Nash more... )

411 Fact or Fiction 01.27.11: Royal Rumble, Kevin Nash/TNA, The Corre, More

Was the main event segment on Raw pointless and poorly-done? Will Kimbo Slice be in WWE or TNA by next year? Is the Corre an atrocious stable name? Does the Royal Rumble look to be a good show? 411's Andy Critchell and Jeremy Thomas debate these topics and more in this week's 411 Fact or Fiction: Wrestling! ( Read Kevin Nash more... )

Booker T-Kevin Nash Updates (Spoilers), Nash-TNA, & More

-- It'll be a very busy day today with pre and post WWE Royal Rumble news. Check back in often for the latest updates. It's going to be a crazy next few days for sure. I'd expect tons of news and rumors, Royal Rumble stats, RAW & SD! **SPOILERS**, and tons more. Sunday-Wednesday will be nuts. ( Read Kevin Nash more... )

Kevin Nash, Booker T Top Wrestling News This Week

Kevin Nash and Booker T are back in the Wrestling news this week but for different reasons. The two former major headliners who in the hearts of many are still headliners have had great wrestling carreers in the WWE, NWA and TNA. ( Read Kevin Nash more... )

El ex campeón de la WWF y de TNA, Kevin Nash, ha sido pillado llegando al eropuerto de Boston.

Un fan anónimo ha colgado esta foto de Kevin Nash llegando al aeropuerto de Boston, Massachusetts. Como se puede ver Nash lleva el pelo negro como en su época de Diesel en la WWF. ( Read Kevin Nash more... )

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