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Saturday, 29 January 2011

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‘The Rite’ Review

If The Rite is proof of anything, it’s that the often odd and mysterious nature of real life doesn’t always translate into the best movie. While this familiar tale of faith and skepticism isn’t the disaster some might expect, it is, at best, a mundane entry in the exorcism sub-genre.

In fact, if not for the presence of Anthony Hopkins, who often is the only spark keeping the heart of this film beating, The Rite would likely be one of the dullest stories about the devil ever told. ( Read The Rite Reviews more... )

Reviews of family movies: 'The Rite,' 'Another Year,' more


High-schoolers who find occult thrillers fascinating may be drawn into "The Rite." Michael is a skeptical American seminarian. A professor/priest who believes Michael still shows promise sends him to Rome to train as an exorcist. The film's violent episodes are not excessively graphic, but they are disturbing enough to make the movie problematic for some middle-schoolers. Though it incorporates all the cliches of the genre, "The Rite" also benefits from fresh, intelligent writing and a uniformly excellent cast that underplays the lurid aspects of the story. ( Read The Rite Reviews more... )

Movie Review: The Rite

The Rite is definitely going to wake you up from your winter coma, however, there is such a heavy, hidden meaning within the film, that it can be hard to swallow at times. The Rite stars Anthony Hopkins as the go-to priest for exorcists in Rome. He is quirky and modern, which provides some chuckles, but even he can’t avoid possession all the time.

Watch below to see what Ryan and Angela thought of the thriller hitting theatres this Friday that 28th. Let us know what you thought of the film, if you dare to venture out this weekend and see it, that is. ( Read The Rite Reviews more... )

Movie Reviews: The Mechanic vs The Rite

SAN ANTONIO: This week on Flicker Footnotes we review “The Mechanic,” “The Rite” and “Vision.“ We also discuss the Oscar nominations, and The CineSnob has a DVD recommendation. Click here to watch…

Santikos Valentine’s Day Movie Deal: For $40 you get two movie tickets, one large popcorn, two regular sodas (or two glasses of wine), two pieces of homemade fudge, one long stemmed rose, preferred seating. ( Read The Rite Reviews more... )

‘The Rite’: Review Revue

The reviews for “The Rite,” a religious horror movie playing off the exorcism theme, seem less focused on the quality of the movie itself than why Anthony Hopkins agreed to appear in a genre picture as a sinister Catholic priest. Some critics are finding his performance riveting, others derivative of a certain serial killer character he played years ago to thrilling effect. A sampling of reviews. ( Read The Rite Reviews more... )


It’s a shame that last year’s little film The Last Exorcism didn’t make more of a splash. It was good. It was certainly better than this year’s exorcism film – The Rite. That’s right, a big blockbuster with Anthony Hopkins that just doesn’t deliver.

When the movie starts, it states on the screen, “Suggested by the book.” What in the world does that mean ? ( Read The Rite Reviews more... )

Movie Review: Anthony Hopkins in 'The Rite'

Ever since The Exorcist showed up in 1973 and pretty much invented the "possession-based horror film," we've had a reliably steady stream of copycats, imitators and inspirations hit the screens. At best these flicks are slightly diverting horror fare and at worst they're gory, tiresome, stupid retreads of much better movies.

Once in a while, though, we get a religious horror flick that transcends its often-familiar trappings and comes up with a hook that's, at the very least, slightly original. Last year's The Last Exorcism did it by focusing on an ambiguous lead character instead of on "the possessed," and the new release The Rite does it by asking a lot of smart, skeptical questions that may keep an astute viewer on his toes. ( Read The Rite Reviews more... )

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