American Idol Top 24

Thursday, 24 February 2011

American Idol Top 24
'American Idol' Top 24 Spoilers Revealed

"American Idol" Top 24 spoilers are out after the first group of singers made the finals. These "American Idol" Top 24 spoilers include the names of the first five contestants to make it alive out of the Hollywood and Las Vegas sessions. The 2011 season of "American Idol" has already been packed with drama, but that didn't even come close to measuring the breakdown that Jennifer Lopez went through when she had to give an "American Idol" contestant bad news. Now the revelations of who Lopez, Randy Jackson, and Steven Tyler chose to make it to the live shows of the 2011 installment are finally taking place. ( Read American Idol Top 24 more... )

American Idol Top 24: One of the Finalists Rushed to Hospital! Why?

If you are lucky enough to not get through the audition process of a show like American Idol, you want to be at your best. You want to stay focused, fierce and most of all, healthy. But one of the final top 24 contestants of the new season of American Idol wasn’t so lucky. On Wednesday he was rushed to the hospital. Why?

19-year-old Casey Abrams complained of stomach pains and TMZ is reporting that moments later he was rushed to the hospital. They are apparently going to keep him overnight, but hopefully not much longer. He has some singing to do! On Friday he is set to sing along with the rest of the male contenders. And if he doesn’t make it to the taping and perform? Word is he’ll be automatically eliminated. ( Read American Idol Top 24 more... )

'American Idol' Reveals First Batch Of Top 24

There were plenty of tears — mostly from Jennifer Lopez — as early faves like Chris Medina failed to make the cut.

In its 10th season, "American Idol" has already gone coast-to-coast (and, uh, Milwaukee), in search of the next pop superstar. So when it came time to whittle their list of hopefuls down to the top 24, a few additional miles probably weren't going to hurt anyone.

On Wednesday night's (February 23) show, "Idol" trekked from Hollywood to Las Vegas — where the 61 remaining contestants were hacked down to just 40 — and then back to the show's hometown of Los Angeles, where, at long last, the voyage came to a close with the unveiling of the 24 singers who will compete for this season's crown ... or, at least, that's what we were told. ( Read American Idol Top 24 more... )

American Idol Beatles Week, Top 24 Revealed Recap

American Idol Beatles week started with 327, and just 61 remain… they’re on their way to Las Vegas to perform and Ryan says 1/3 will be cut. Then it’s on to American Idol’s top 24!

The American Idol hopefuls perform in Las Vegas – Beatles songs! What do you think of that twist?

The pressure is on and rehearsals look overwhelming and tense. Let the tears flow!

A little focus on American Idol’s vocal coach from hell… wow, is she ever tough.

Oh no… some of these kids have never heard a Beatles song in their life! ( Read American Idol Top 24 more... )

American Idol Top 24 Revealed – Live Blog

The American Idol Top 24 were revealed tonight.

Here’s the live blog!

1. Naima Adedapo is in!
2. Hollie Cavanagh is out!
3. Lakeisha Lewis is out!
4. Alex Ryan is out!
5. Clint Jun Gamboa is in!
6. Haley Reinhart is in!
7. Deandre Brackensick is out! (He was ROBBED!)
8. Paul McDonald is in!
9. Ashton Jones is in!
10. Chris Medina is out! (SHOCKER! He was a frontrunner) ( Read American Idol Top 24 more... )

'American Idol' Finalist Hospitalized

Sources connected to the show tell us ... 19-year-old Abrams was rehearsing at CBS Television City when he began to feel sick.

We're told Abrams was taken to a nearby hospital -- where he's expected to stay overnight ... possibly longer. ( Read American Idol Top 24 more... )

‘American Idol’ Recap: Was Chris Medina Wrongfully Eliminated?

Fan favorite Chris Media got booted before he made the Top 24, but judging from Jennifer Lopez’s distraught reaction to his cut, this might not be the last time we see him!

Chris Medina warmed the hearts of the American Idol judges and fans during the season 10 auditions in Milwaukee with the tragic tale of his paraplegic fiancee. Unfortunately, his sad story didn’t carry him all the way to the Top 24. In one of the most competitive years in Idol history, the 27-year-old musician was cut in an emotional elimination.

Watching Jennifer Lopez break down after giving Chris the bad news during the Feb. 23 episode was almost more upsetting than seeing the talented barista walk out the door. Despite Randy Jackson and Stephen Tyler’s reassurances, J. Lo literally could NOT hold it together. She was sobbing into her tissue and threatening to quit the elimination portion of the competition. ( Read American Idol Top 24 more... )

'American Idol' reveals first five tenth-season Top 24 semifinalists

American Idol ended the dreams of 26 more hopefuls and formally revealed the first of the competition's tenth-season Top 24 semifinalists during Tuesday night's special two-hour Fox broadcast.

Five semifinalists were unveiled during the broadcast: Naima Adedapo, a 25-year-old grounds cleanup worker from Milwaukee, WI; Clint Jun Gamboa, a 26-year-old karaoke bar host from Long Beach, CA; Haley Reinhart, a 20-year-old student from Wheeling, IL; Paul McDonald, a 25-year-old musician from Nashville, TN; and Ashthon Jones, a 24-year-old retail manager from Goodlettsville, TN. ( Read American Idol Top 24 more... )

Idol' Favorite Chris Medina Fails to Make Season 10's Top 24

The Illinois native writes on his personal Facebook page: "Don't worry, it's not the end of me," as fans hope he'll see a second chance with a wild card pick. ( Read American Idol Top 24 more... )

American Idol favorite Chris Medina, who stole the country's heart when he showed up for auditions in Milwaukee with his paraplegic fiancee, did not make season 10's Top 24.

Wednesday night's episode of Idol showed the Oak Forest, Illinois native struggling with the week's Beatles theme as he sang the group's classic "A Hard Day's Night."

Indeed, it didn't get any easier for the 26-year-old who chose Coldplay's "Fix You" for his second turn. At episode's close, when contestants are made to walk to never-ending Green Mile to hear their fate, judge Jennifer Lopez commented that Medina had good and bad moments, but in the end did not make it into the Top 24. ( Read American Idol Top 24 more... )

'American Idol' recap: Top 24 takes shape after a hard day's night of Beatles songs in Vegas

Eleven episodes into Season 10, and the first pieces of the giant puzzle known as the Top 24 on “American Idol” started to come together last night. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist at least one blatant Beatles reference…)

But in order to get there, the 61 contestants who survived the brutal Hollywood round had just 24 hours to practice a song by the Fab Four and perform under the spotlight on the same Vegas stage where the Cirque du Soleil show “Love” is running. ( Read American Idol Top 24 more... )

American Idol 2011: Vegas round cut short as Top 24 assembly begins

I hope no one takes this the wrong way (because I mean it exactly as I say it), but tonight’s “American Idol” might just be the worst two hours I’ve ever seen of the show. First of all it was completely changed from what we were told it was going to be. Then we got an hour of badly edited half performances. Then there’s a quick cut to get the Top 40. Then it ends and the second hour starts complete with opening credits.

I thought surely the second hour will be better since we’ll see more solo performances and the beginnings of the Top 24. I was wrong. It was filled with more bad editing and really bad judge’s fake outs. You know the whole “We’re really sorry to tell you this …. but …. You’re in the Top 24!” So 2002. And again we saw virtually NO performances. It was terrible. I’m sorry, it was. ( Read American Idol Top 24 more... )

'American Idol': Top 24 starts reveal with Naima Adedapo, Ashthon Jones and more

In the penultimate "American Idol" audition round episode, the 60 or so finalists left are taken to Las Vegas and given 24 hours to learn a Beatles song, then are whittled down to the Top 24.

The kids struggle with the task, which is no wonder since they just finished the Hell that is Group Week and are once again being made to sing in groups, which is kinda stupid.

After a montage of a crazy vocal coach, we get a "we're young" montage since most of the kids are like, "Biebers? Beatles? Who are they?" Vocal mentor Jimmy Iovine plus a team of music producers are there to intimidate help. ( Read American Idol Top 24 more... )

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