Luke Matheny

Monday, 28 February 2011

Luke Matheny
Luke Matheny Should Have 'Got a Haircut' Before Winning Oscar

Gangly young filmmaker Luke Matheny delighted the Oscar night audience on Sunday as he accepted the award for Best Live Action Short Film. Matheny looked as shocked as anyone as he took the stage, voicing what everyone else was thinking.

"I should've got a haircut," he joked.

The Oscar audience laughed along with Matheny who went on to win them over with a heartfelt speech where he went on to thank his mother, who provided craft services for the cast and crew. He also thanked "the love of my life," who scored the film. ( Read Luke Matheny more... )

Oscar nominee Luke Matheny

Luke Matheny is the writer/director/star of “God of Love,” a quirky 18-minute short film about a jazz crooner who performs amazing dart tricks on stage. It appeared in both the Indianapolis International Film Festival and the Heartland Film Festival in 2010, and is up for an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film.

This film was your student thesis in the graduate film program at NYU. Talk about what the storied school did for your development as a filmmaker.

There were lots of great things about the NYU grad film program: the faculty, the facilities, the reputation. But in the end, the most valuable aspect of film school were my classmates, who became close friends and irreplaceable collaborators. ( Read Luke Matheny more... )

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