Petpet Park

Monday, 21 February 2011

Petpet Park
Petpet Park, Petpet Park is a virtual pet website launched by Nickelodeon Kids & Family Virtual Worlds Group (formerly Neopets) in October 2008. The Neopets Team creates the site, the creators of Neopets. The game features a new virtual world based companions Neopets, Petpets. There are six species in Petpet Petpet Park to choose from. Once selected, users can help shape through games, activities and challenges and can customize them and take them to the discovery of the park and meet friends.

Nickelodeon Kids & Family Virtual Worlds Group, formerly Neopets, Inc., develops and manages all initiatives virtual world for kids, tweens, teens and families for children & Family Group Nickelodeon. Petpet Park is a virtual world created from one of their most popular properties, Neopets, an online world youth-oriented virtual where members adopt and take care of a virtual companion that accompanies them through an array of games, communities and lands great.

September 4 Neopets Petpet started a mini park parcel to promote their new virtual world. In this plot, users have been invited to act as agents of the Company Petpet Protection (PPL) to help Petpets crossing Petaria to Neopia arrive at Petpet Park safely. Missions were given by Bruce Cloud (type of Neopet) named Weltrude. Weltrude acts as chief administrative Petpet Protection League.
Over several weeks, users can solve various puzzles and drive the six species safely Petpet Petpet Park. During missions, users learned Petpet species information including temperament, favorite foods, and special skills in addition to the history of Petpet Park. On 27 October, the mission headquarters has updated and Mother Bruce gave awards to all players who helped the Petpets success.

Petpet Petpet Park is around, little creatures that accompany Neopets Neopia. Once adopted, users can customize their petpet to clothing and feeding them. Users can play games to win Park Points (the currency of Petpet Park) to buy clothes and food. Users can also chat and interact with other users.

Users who had violated the rules lay down in the Terms and Conditions may have their account suspended or permanently “frozen”.

There are 9 species of Petpet Petpet Park to choose from. Each has its own features, but they do not affect gameplay. On January 1, 2011, there are 9 Petpet species, three of which are reserved for new morphing potions and perhaps potential “limited edition” Petpets.

DIPN – DIPN are shy, wary Petpets that are easily frightened. Despite this, they are still tender and timid curious, and they make gurgling noises when they are happy.
Ukin – ukin Petpets are normally quiet, but their warning cry ukin can call others to their aid, making them quite a force to be reckoned with.
Pinixy – Pinixy are active, exuberant Petpets, always engaged in physical activity or another, whether it’s running, jumping, wrestling, or climbing.
Hifflo – Hifflos are gentle, affectionate Petpets that have a great grace and love for music. Although they like to relax, they can run very fast over short distances. It is said that a good song can attract any Hifflo.
Drymer – Drymer are curious, mischievous Petpets, although they are more a source of amusement than they are troublemakers. They like to dig shiny objects, and are particularly fond of digging in the snow.
Kassegat – Kassegats are smart, intelligent Petpets that live in the lush jungle areas. These agile Petpets love nothing more than exploration and eat fruit in the jungle.
Bandalu – Bandalus are creatures wise and friendly and are only achievable through Neocash morphing potions.
Puxa – puxa are fast and agile creatures are only achievable through Neocash morphing potions.
Mumbat – Mumbats are mischievous and fun loving and also only attainable with Neocash morphing potions.

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