Spartacus Season 3

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Spartacus Season 3
Spartacus Season 3 In 2012 – Catch The Season 2 Finale Here!

Yes, that’s right. Those of us who are Spartacus: Gods of the Arena fans are now going to have to wait until January 2012 for Spartacus Season 3 to begin!

One reason for the long hiatus is that he title character, Spartacus who was played by Andy Whitfield, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and ended up leaving the show after the Season 1 final taping. Starz didn’t even know if there would be another season. While trying to figure if Season 2 would happen, they decided to tape Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, which didn’t contain the Spartacus character. In the meantime, a new Spartacus, actor Liam McIntyre, was chosen and will pick up the sword in Whitfield’s place. ( Read Spartacus Season 3 more... )

'Spartacus' Season 3 Technically Coming Next Year

Spartacus Season 3 hasn't really been approved. But technically, Spartacus Season 3 is really on the way next year, nonetheless. This reflects the unusual history that this series has been through since its debut.

After the first year, they had to put in the prequel series, Gods of the Arena, while they figured out how they could bring back the original show. By counting Gods of the Arena as part of the franchise, it means Spartacus Season 3 is coming next year, although it's only the second year with the main character. ( Read Spartacus Season 3 more... )

Spartacus Season 3 to Premiere in 2012

What about Spartacus season 3? Many are complaining for the fact that Spartacus: Gods of the Arena was short-lived. The finale, episode 6, played last night with a bloody combat. The prequel of “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” and its backstories of characters had set up the events of the next full season of ‘Spartacus,’ which is set to premiere in early 2012.

Yes, we will be seeing more adventures of Batiatus’ gladiators in Spartacus season 3. ( Read Spartacus Season 3 more... )

Spartacus Season 3: “Gods of the Arena” Prequel

Spartacus Season 3: “Gods of the Arena” prequel is an engaging series to watch. Although the series is perceived by many as about sex, violence and gore, the story is meaty and explores credibly that barbaric time when the Romans used gladiators to entertain them.

The rise of Spartacus in the House of Batiatus against Crixus another gladiator is a fascinating story. Gaia was a beauty to behold in spite of her non-satiable appetite for physical pleasure. All the actors in the series are outstanding as each of them was able to depict a sterling performance for each of her or his role. ( Read Spartacus Season 3 more... )

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