Derek Jeter Mansion

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Derek Jeter Mansion

Derek Jeter Mansion

“When you don’t win, people always say that the team wasn’t hungry,” Jeter said. “We got beat by a team that was better than us in that series. That’s the bottom line. I wouldn’t say there was a lack of hunger; I just think we just didn’t play as well. That’s why we lost.”

Jeter is putting the finishing touches on his 30,000-square-foot mansion in the Tampa area, a property dubbed “St. Jetersburg” by locals since construction began in 2008.

Jeter has managed to avoid controversy for most of his storied career, the lone exception coming in December 2002, when George Steinbrenner questioned Jeter’s habit of partying late into the New York night. The pair later made a television commercial after mending their relationship, though Jeter doesn’t anticipate a repeat with Hank. ( Read Derek Jeter Mansion more... )

Derek Jeter’s Mansion Gets Thrown Under the Bus

Derek Jeter just completed building his mansion in Tampa Bay…Yankees owner Hank Steinbrenner recently made some comments directed at Jeter on how the Yankees lost focus after 2009…Steinbrenner said that “some of the players are too busy building mansions and other things and not concentrating on winning,” many thought of Jeter because his massive $7.7 million mansion in the Davis Islands area of Tampa was completed in January. ( Read Derek Jeter Mansion more... )

Derek Jeter Addresses Hank Steinbrenner's Comments, Says He Didn't Understand

TAMPA, Fla. — Derek Jeter laughed off Hank Steinbrenner's assertion that some New York Yankees were "too busy building mansions" after winning the 2009 World Series.

The Yankees captain, was building a large multimillion dollar home in Tampa last year when New York lost to Texas in the AL championship series after fading in the second half of the season and winding up with the AL wild card. Steinbrenner, the Yankees' co-chairman, made the remark Monday in saying his team lacked hunger last year. ( Read Derek Jeter Mansion more... )

Derek Jeter Mansion : Derek Jeter Mansion Under Fire

Derek Jeters Mansion Is Under Fire- He Fires Back!

Yankees head honcho, Hank Steinbrenner was reportedly directing a statement toward Jeter in the past week, saying, “ Some of the players are too busy building mansions and other things and not concentrating on winning.”

He also went on to slam the team saying they seemed to be riding the wave of their 2009 World Series win. ( Read Derek Jeter Mansion more... )

Jeter laughs off Hank's mansion comments

Derek Jeter's name was never mentioned during Hank Steinbrenner's damning comments on Monday, so as far as the shortstop is concerned, he's got nothing to be sore about.

Steinbrenner questioned his team's hunger last season during a chat with reporters on Monday afternoon, indirectly pointing at Jeter with his comment about players being "too busy building mansions and doing other things, not concentrating on winning."

Jeter addressed the issue at his locker Tuesday morning, doing so with a grin on his face for the entire 11-minute interview. ( Read Derek Jeter Mansion more... )

Audio: Derek Jeter finds Hank Steinbrenner's mansion comments 'funny'

In today's Star-Ledger, Alex Rodriguez covered a ton of topics during his annual press conference, but it was the news he got from hip surgeon Marc Philippon that may have some lasting value for the Yankees slugger. Prospect Andrew Brackman, who salvaged his status as a top prospect with a bounceback season in 2010, impressed the right people and the right time.

And Hank Steinbrenner opened his mouth, and wondered if Derek Jeter homebuilder played a role in Derek Jeter .270 hitter. ( Read Derek Jeter Mansion more... )

Derek Jeter Mansion

All I can say is that I hope that this guy has some good Florida home owners insurance. This house is easily going to be the biggest in Tampa. Construction has been going on with this monstrosity since 2008. The Derek Jeter mansion is going to be awesome. ( Read Derek Jeter Mansion more... )

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