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Saturday, 26 February 2011

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Kelly Monaco Leaving General Hospital? Was Kelly Monaco Killed Off GH? GH Spoilers! (Video)

Is Kelly Monaco leaving General Hospital? Was Kelly Monaco killed off GH? GH spoilers ahead…

Rumors of Kelly Monaco leaving General Hospital spread like wild fire among soap fans after her character, Sam, looked to be killed off of GH.

GH spoilers were in hot demand, but it’s unclear right now if Kelly Monaco is leaving General Hospital. ( Read General Hospital more... )

James Franco's Pre-Oscar Prep: 'General Hospital' Gig
James Franco, nervous? Doesn't seem so: today, two days before he co-hosts the Oscars for the first time, the modern day Renaissance man reprised his role on ABC's "General Hospital" as the killer artist who shares his name, Franco. (How convienient!)

The actor reportedly filmed the guest spot in Los Angeles while rehersing for the Oscars. (Click here to watch the video.) Clad in a tux (perhaps the same one he'll wear on Sunday?) and sitting in front of semi-nude portraits of himself, he phoned a fellow hitman and poked fun at his jack of all trades reputation: ( Read General Hospital more... )

Kelly Monaco Leaving General Hospital? GH Spoilers

Is Kelly Monaco leaving General Hospital? There is a lot of buzz going around tonight about GH Spoilers, but I dug around and so far cannot find any reports that Kelly Monaco is planning on leaving the show.

Kelly Monaco has been pre-nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award this year for her portrayal of Sam McCall on General Hospital, and that’s about the latest news I can find on her status on the show. ( Read General Hospital more... )

James Franco Returns to 'General Hospital' (VIDEO)

James Franco made his return to Port Charles on today's episode of 'General Hospital' (weekdays, syndicated on ABC). Franco plays artist and serial killer Robert "Franco" Frank, and the fact that Franco is back in town means trouble for mob enforcer Jason Morgan.

Franco witnesses Morgan disposing of a body (Claudia Zacchara) and has every intention of tormenting him with that information. Franco had been away for awhile, but gave Morgan a friendly call on the episode today to remind him that he's still lurking about. ( Read General Hospital more... )

Mass General Hospital Settles HIPAA Allegations for $1M

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) agreed to pay $1 million to settle HIPAA privacy allegations arising from a March 2009 loss of 192 patients’ medical records, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced Feb. 24, two days after announcing a $4.3 million HIPAA privacy penalty against a Maryland clinic.

Unlike most of the accidental breaches of protected health information (PHI) reported to date, the MGH incident did not involve the loss or theft of a laptop or other electronic media. Rather, a hospital employee took the hard-copy files home to work on, and on her way back to work simply forgot them on the subway. ( Read General Hospital more... )

Mass General settles at $1 million

Massachusetts General Hospital has agreed to pay $1 million to settle allegations that it potentially violated patient privacy laws. A hospital employee lost records of 192 patients on the subway, including billing forms containing patient names, birthdates, medical record numbers and health insurance information. ( Read General Hospital more... )

Mass General takes $1 million hit for losing 193 patient records

Following closely on the heels of its first Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy rule fine, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has doled out a $1 million fine against Massachusetts General Hospital for a data breach involving 192 patients begin treated for infectious diseases.

HHS levied the fine on Mass General for a data breach involving the loss of documents containing names and medical record numbers of 192 patients at the hospital’s Infectious Disease Associates practice, as well as billing forms that included names, dates of birth, medical record numbers, health insurers and policy numbers, diagnosis, and names of provider for 66 of those patients. The practice treats patients with HIV/AIDS, as well as other infectious diseases. ( Read General Hospital more... )

James Franco Cracks Oscar Jokes on General Hospital

James Franco reprised his role as the murderous, famous artist Franco on General Hospital today, a short cameo he filmed while in L.A. rehearsing for the Oscars. General Hospital didn't miss the opportunity to make a meta-joke about James Franco's persona and upcoming hosting gig.

In the episode, Franco called his nemesis, the hit man with a heart of gold, Jason Morgan, on the phone to claim credit for blowing up a woman with a car bomb moments after her wedding. ( Read General Hospital more... )

Is General Hospital Drafting Off James Franco’s Oscar Gig?

If you haven’t referenced your Soap Digest this month, you may not have known that James Franco is returning to Port Charles for another brief arc on ABC’s General Hospital.

Because the Academy Award nominee apparently cannot get his fill of daytime. And judging by ABC’s latest preview clip of the show, the network cannot get its fill of cheeky Oscar references. ( Read General Hospital more... )

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