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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Oscars 2011 Time, Oscars 2011
Oscars 2011: Time for Great Food with 6 Elegant, No-cook Snacks

The 2011 Oscar ceremony begins tonight at 8pm eastern standard time on ABC. Want to watch the red carpet? Coverage will begin at 6pm on E!, and at 7pm on the TV Guide channel. So now you know when to watch, but I’m wondering, what are you going to eat?

Here on the Family Kitchen we’ve got 6 easy, no-cook appetizers you can whip up in minutes. That leaves more time for Oscars fun. ( Read Oscars 2011 Time more... )

What Time Do the Oscars 2011 Start & What Channel? Find Out Here!

Oscar Sunday is a big day, not just for the stars up for an Academy Award but for countless movie and entertainment fans worldwide. Millions will tune in to see what one film get the best picture Oscar 2011, to see if Natalie Portman really wins best actress, and to see how James Franco and Anne Hathaway perform as the hosts. But there are some big questions, well one burning one.

What is the Oscars 2011 start time? What channel are they on and are you ready?The red carpet coverage starts at 6PM ET / 5PM CT / 3PM PT,on several channels but the E! one with Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic is pretty popular. ( Read Oscars 2011 Time more... )

Oscars 2011 Time: Red Carpet and Broadcast Details

The Oscars 2011 time is quickly approaching. Many people are trying to get their plans for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards in place before the stars hit the red carpet tomorrow night at the Kodak Theatre . . . ( Read Oscars 2011 Time more... )

Oscars 2011 time Is Here

The Oscars 2011 time is here, a night in which the best in movies from 2010 get honored in the most special way. With the 83rd Annual Academy Awards taking center stage tonight, many will wanna know exactly when things start so they can plan their evenings accordingly.

There are multiple Red Carpet warm up shows for the Oscars, one of which starts at 7:00 PM on the TV Guide channel, and another on E! beginning at 6:00 PM. The actual awards show will begin at 8:00 PM on ABC and should be spectacular as it is being hosted by James Franco and Anne Hathaway. ( Read Oscars 2011 Time more... )

Oscars 2011 Time: What Time Do the Oscars Start?

It's Feb. 27, 2011 -- the date of the 83rd Academy Awards! And you're ready, with your Oscars ballot, your Oscars predictions, your Oscars party tips and your Oscars drinking game rules; and you've bookmarked the Oscar winners list, which we at Moviefone will be updating in real time. Now you just have one question: What time do the 2011 Oscars start? ( Read Oscars 2011 Time more... )

Oscars 2011 Time

Oscars 2011 Time 8/7c and will be live tonight on ABC.

The Oscars 2011 time of start is right around the corner as all of your favorite celebrities gear up for the Academy Awards. Tonight, coverage of the Oscars will begin at 7|6c with live reporting from the red carpet outside of the Nokia Theatre in Hollywood, California. You can tune in to see what the lovely and very pregnant Natalie Portman will be wearing, along with other Oscar Nominees such as Annette Bening and Colin Firth. The film industries elite will then be herded into the theater as the 83rd Annual Academy Awards begin at 8|7c (official start time) on ABC. ( Read Oscars 2011 Time more... )

2011 Oscars - My 2 Cents - BEST PICTURE

Didn’t write-up Best Actor (Colin Firth will win even though Jesse Eisenberg deserves it) or Best Actress (Annette Bening will upset Natalie Portman and maybe upset Portman so much that she’ll give birth onstage Alien-style and that baby will wrench the Oscar back for its mama) because of the Norcal Storm, the accompanying 4 feet of snow and lack of electricity that went with it.

Would have watched Winter’s Bone again to learn how to survive in the freezing wilderness but, as previously established, there was no friggin’ power. I do have a bunch of half-skinned squirrels in my backyard when I tried to recreate Jennifer Lawrence’s cooking lesson from memory. When I couldn’t find a squirrel I used a dog because they’re kind of like squirrels and I’m Asian. ( Read Oscars 2011 Time more... )

Oscars 2011: How 'The Social Network' Could Still Win (But Probably Won't)

In the final hours before the Academy Awards, a look at the factors that are affecting the Best Picture race.

Just a few weeks ago, the Oscars were approaching and all seemed right with the world. The Social Network, David Fincher's riveting meditation on the messiness behind the creation of Facebook, was every critic's choice for movie of the year. Its sparkling script, by Aaron Sorkin, and Fincher's restrained but typically adamantine direction created an indelible portrait of a modern antihero. ( Read Oscars 2011 Time more... )

2011 Oscar predictions: Shoe-ins, wild cards & Anne Hathaway wearing clothes!

Sunday is the big day. The Academy has voted and will shortly tell all. James Franco and Anne Hathaway have lightened our hearts with their playful and zany pre-Ceremony banter and ad lead-ins. All that’s left is to butter the popcorn. And make predictions.

So, here they are: ( Read Oscars 2011 Time more... )

Oscars 2011: Here's what you need to know about each Best Picture nominee to win the office pool

Never got around to seeing "Winter's Bone"? Still trying to figure out what exactly happened in "Inception"?

That's okay: We've got your Best Picture crib sheet right here. Just read it before your Oscar party begins, and no one will ever know you fainted halfway through "127 Hours." (There are a few minor spoilers below, but if you haven't seen these movies yet, you might as well give up and start looking toward the candidates for 2012.) ( Read Oscars 2011 Time more... )

Oscars 2011 Natalie Portman interview: "At the Oscars, I'll just be trying not to trip over..."

Natalie PortmanIt’s been an amazing year for the BAFTA-winning, Oscar-tipped star of Black Swan. The Best Actress nominee, 29, talks torturous training, dodging big-night disasters and meeting her fiancĂ© on set…

Congratulations on your BAFTA for Best Leading Actress. Are you excited about the Oscars ceremony? ( Read Oscars 2011 Time more... )

Oscars 2011: Is there any stopping Natalie Portman after the Spirit Awards?

With her victory at the Independent Spirit Awards, Natalie Portman is now 3 for 3 in the 2011 award season. The only thing left? Sunday's Oscars.

The best actress competition was perhaps the most-watched category at this year's Spirits. With the addition of "Greenberg" star Greta Gerwig -- The Spirits nominate 6 actresses, with the Oscars only giving nods to 5 -- the line-up Portman beat is the same one we'll see at the Academy Awards. ( Read Oscars 2011 Time more... )

Oscar 2011: Reality Bites

The true story of how a king beat a speech impediment with therapy. The true story of a how one young man built a cyber empire worth billions. The true story of how a hiker survived being crushed under a rock for 5 days. The true story of how a small time boxer beat the odds to achieve sporting glory. Real life is intruding into the glamorous world of the Academy Awards this year, and it won't be for the first time.

King George VI, who found himself on the throne on the abdication of his elder brother, was faced with the daunting prospect of overcoming a nervous stutter to be able to address the British public. Helped along by a speech therapist who remained a lifelong friend, his story is chronicled by actors Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush in The King's Speech. The Royals have long been Oscar favourites, as have other historical figures. Elizabeth I went to the Oscars not once, but five times. Cate Blanchett played her twice, Judi Dench played her in Shakespeare In Love and won Best Supporting Actress. Jean Simmons played the Virgin Queen in Young Bess and a toddler Elizabeth appears at the conclusion of Anne Of A Thousand Days. ( Read Oscars 2011 Time more... )

Oscars 2011: Mark Ruffalo interview

He's endured tumours, paralysis and the terrible loss of a brother: meet Mark Ruffalo, survivor extraordinaire and Oscar-nominated star of 'The Kids Are All Right'

"Just think,” a friend of Mark Ruffalo’s told him excitedly, after he’d been nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his part in The Kids Are All Right. “You’ll never be a B-list actor again!”

There may well be something in this. After more than 20 years of being one of those recognisable faces whose name hovers elusively on the tip of people’s tongues, life may be about to change for Mark Ruffalo. ( Read Oscars 2011 Time more... )

Oscars 2011 viewing party - check in here!

The 2011 Academy Awards ceremony is set to take place Sunday and OnTheRedCarpet.com is hosting a virtual viewing party with Playphilo.com.

If you check into the Oscars through the PlayPhilo module any time on Sunday, you will earn an exclusive OnTheRedCarpet.com badge.

NBA star Shaq is also participating in the virtual party, while Moviefone.com is providing prizes for some lucky participants. ( Read Oscars 2011 Time more... )

Oscars 2011: And a big thank you to my stylist

A pregnant nominee, a child star and a diehard eccentric… tonight’s Oscars fashion could be interesting. But, says Melissa Whitworth, woe betide the actress who dresses without professional help.

The timing could not have been worse: three days before the Oscars, the most important red carpet event of the year, John Galliano is arrested for allegedly making anti-Semitic remarks to a couple in a Paris cafĂ©. Across Hollywood, actresses and stylists will be mentally throwing away their Christian Dior gowns – Galliano is head designer for the French fashion house. ( Read Oscars 2011 Time more... )

Oscars 2011: Will the Brits win big in the technical categories?

The Oscars isn't just about the big stars: boasting a vast range of categories, it's also an opportunity for the craft of film-making to take the spotlight. Here, we speak to four acclaimed film technicians about the challenges of their work and what the ceremony means to them.

Clean sweeps at the Oscars always start with the early technical categories. If a hotly fancied film, such as The King's Speech, wins in editing, production design and music, then it's pretty likely the film's headed for a hefty haul, somewhere around the eight Oscars that went to Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire. ( Read Oscars 2011 Time more... )

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