Boeing Tanker

Friday, 25 February 2011

Boeing Tanker
Boeing Lands Air Force Tanker Deal...For Now

The never-ending saga of the Pentagon's new aerial KC-X tanker came to a halt, at least temporarily, late Thursday as the Defense Department finally announced it would award the $35 billion prize to the Boeing Co. The Defense Department has been trying to buy a new flying gas station for so long, the top Air Force official who bribed her way into a job with Boeing the first time the contract was awarded has already been prosecuted, served jail time and been set free – all more than five years ago. ( Read Boeing Tanker more... )

Boeing wins contract for refueling tanker

After a decade of embarrassing missteps and disputes, the Pentagon handed the first phase of a job-rich $35-billion contract to Chicago-based Boeing Co. to build a fleet of 179 aerial refueling tankers that carries the promise of work for an estimated 50,000 aerospace employees.

In an announcement that took industry experts by surprise, word came down late Thursday that Boeing had bested archrival Airbus and its parent company European Aeronautic Defense & Space Co., or EADS to build 18 planes for $3.5 billion. ( Read Boeing Tanker more... )

Boeing win is a welcome upside surprise

or a place that's seen its share of nasty surprises in recent years — the collapse of Washington Mutual, a 787 factory in South Carolina — the selection of Boeing to develop and build the Air Force's new tanker is an upside delight.

Just a few weeks ago, the buzz among some defense analysts was that the $35 billion contract would go to Airbus parent EADS, to be assembled near Mobile, Ala.

Had that happened, it would have represented a second loss to the South for the Puget Sound-area aerospace industry. Indeed, according to the Mobile Press-Register, local officials had gathered at the convention center there Thursday "for what was expected to be a victory party."

Boeing feared it would be shut out of the tanker business for 20 to 40 years if it lost. And at the least, the growth of airplane-manufacturing jobs in Everett would have been sandbagged.

Instead: victory. ( Read Boeing Tanker more... )

Boeing Scores Air Force Tanker Contract to Give Economy a Boost

It’s no secret there’s a lot going wrong for Americans right now. The unemployment rate is hanging just below double digits, home values have dropped year-over-year for the 13th consecutive year and one-third of Americans have no retirement or personal savings. But it’s not all bad, at least in the Northeast, where Boeing has just won a $35 billion dollar contract from the Air Force. ( Read Boeing Tanker more... )

Boeing tanker – crossed headlines from Inslee

Moments after the U.S. Air Force announced Boeing’s tanker win, a curious e-mail headline arrived from U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Wash: “Decision will not stand.”

A moment later, a second e-mail arrived: “Corrected — Rep. Jay Inslee: Best Choice Made for Next Gen Tanker.”

Inslee, once a Seattle high school quarterback, fumbled the snap. He’d be wise to work on ball handling, or replace his center, before a widely anticipated run for governor in 2012.

What happened is obvious. Two press releases were prepared. One cheered a Boeing victory worth $30 billion that will mean thousands of jobs for Inslee constituents. The other, anticipating an EADS win, decried injustice and vowed protracted resistance. ( Read Boeing Tanker more... )

Boeing Shocks With ‘Clear’ Tanker Win

UPDATES: Boeing Pledges ‘On Time, On Budget;’ EADS NA Says Boeing Pick “High Risk;”

Boeing continued its dominance of the U.S. airborne tanker business, winning the $35 billion contract to build 179 KC-X tankers, one of the biggest defense contracts in the next decade. The award shocked experienced observers who had predicted a big win for EADS NA. Word came from a Pentagon email announcing the initial $3.5 billion contract.

Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn, Pentagon procurement czar Ashton Carter, Air Force Secretary Mike Donley and Air Force Chief Gen. Norton Schwartz stood together in the Pentagon’s briefing room, sending a clear signal of resolve and institutional commitment to the incredibly contentious contract award. Donley, flanked by Schwartz, made the official announcement. ( Read Boeing Tanker more... )

Boeing Bid Beats Europe for Tanker

The Pentagon awarded Boeing Co. a contract worth more than $30 billion for aerial refueling tankers, closing a chapter in a controversial and tortured bidding contest, but potentially launching a fresh trans-Atlantic political controversy.

The award preserves Boeing's decades-long position as supplier of refueling aircraft to the Air Force, and shores up its standing as a U.S. national champion. The Pentagon's move is also likely to feed perceptions in European capitals that the U.S. defense market—the biggest in the world—remains largely closed to European defense suppliers. The losing bidder was EADS North America, a unit of European Aeronautic Defence & Space Co. ( Read Boeing Tanker more... )

Boeing touts number of tanker jobs

Boeing touts number of tanker jobs

A Boeing contract to build aerial refueling tankers for the U.S. Air Force would bring 7,500 jobs to Kansas and have an economic impact of $388 million a year, Boeing said Friday.

The 7,500 figure includes existing and new jobs at Boeing and its suppliers, and other jobs created in the community, said Boeing spokesman Bill Barksdale.

Boeing's Wichita facility would become a finishing center for the tanker, should Boeing win the bid against Airbus parent EADS, which is also bidding. ( Read Boeing Tanker more... )

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