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Sunday, 20 February 2011

I Am Number Four Movie
I Am Number Four – Review

I review the new TV shows, movies, and recap the episodes you missed. Before I Am Number Four was even published the rights had already been bought for a movie. DreamWorks saw it as their very own Twilight-esque franchise. Needless to say I was not expecting much from this movie.

It may have been my low expectations but I Am Number Four surprised me. John Smith is Number Four an alien sent to hide on earth. He and nine others are being hunted down by their alien rivals. John and his guardian move to a small Ohio town where he meets the love of his life Sarah and befriends the town nerd. I Am Number Four is the first of a proposed six book series. The next one titled The Power of Six is planned on being released on August 23rd. ( Read I Am Number Four Reviews more... )

'Unknown' Tops 'I Am Number Four' In Tight Race at the Friday Box-Office

If Unknown was rated R I would say I Am Number Four had a good chance at catching it at the box-office, but given both are PG-13 I'd say it's an uphill climb for the DreamWorks pic as Unknown has an early edge.

The Liam Neeson action thriller pulled in an estimated $6.7 million on Friday, which is likely to translate to a $20 million or so three-day weekend. This isn't to say DreamWorks's I Am Number Four will be far behind as the film's $6.2 million Friday will likely earn the film approximately $19 million for the weekend and it has the potential to jump ahead of Unknown, but I'm not counting on it. ( Read I Am Number Four Reviews more... )

I Am Number Four Reviews

I Am Number Four, the review. I am number 4 is a Spielberg production and hence is bound to be at least half decent. Good charming characters and a combination of some impressive action, science fiction (with the inclusion of ETs) and courageous acts of the number four and number six make it an exciting movie to watch. The movie is pretty fast paced and would sometimes leave you wondering what just happened, but still it is a good movie to spend money on. ( Read I Am Number Four Reviews more... )

Movie Review: I AM NUMBER FOUR

Review By James R. Holland

Another Comic Book Character Hits the Movie Screen

This 110-minute, PG-Rated Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller is supposedly set in Paradise, Ohio. However the Ohio settings turn out to have been filmed in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, Islamorada, Florida, Pittsburgh and Vandergrift, Pennsylvania.

The main characters are mostly twenty-something high school seniors. The movie has the same feel as some of the recent Vampire flicks also taking place in high schools. It’s obviously intended to have at least one sequel. The very evil creatures in this film, called Mogadorians look like they previously starred in the recent Bruce Willis movie “The Fifth Element.” ( Read I Am Number Four Reviews more... )

‘I Am Number Four’ Review

I Am Number Four is an amalgamation of every conceivable snare for both the male and female teenage animal. With thematic and visual references to classic teen-angst romances such as Rebel Without A Cause and the contemporary paranormal young-love phenomenon The Twilight Saga, as well as a third act infusion of the Michael Bay-brand action, I Am Number 4 shamelessly grasps for every last leaf on the young-adult movie money tree. ( Read I Am Number Four Reviews more... )

I Am Number Four review

Every few months another film comes along with big hopes of being the next Harry Potter. Stormbreaker. The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Stardust. The Spiderwick Chronicles. And those are just the Ss.

But maybe - just maybe - Universal has cracked the formula with I Am Number Four, an enjoyable fantasy romp that conjures up the same sort of magic that comes from Hogwarts. Not that it's going to win prizes for originality, since it's about a teen (played by a British actor) with magical powers pursued by an evil nemesis. ( Read I Am Number Four Reviews more... )

Movie Review - 'I Am Number Four'

Let's get the bad news out of the way first: I Am Number Four is a cookie-cutter sci-fi movie about a kid from another planet dealing with the emergence of magical powers while simultaneously dealing with the onset of puberty and the struggles of fitting in at a new high school (the former becoming a metaphor for the latter). In short, it's nothing you haven't seen on Smallville, X-Men or countless other shows, films and comic books before.

The themes explored are overly-familiar, most of the characters are one-dimensional and you'll see every plot turn coming a mile away. ( Read I Am Number Four Reviews more... )

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