Elie Tahari

Monday, 21 February 2011

Elie Tahari
Elie Tahari

Elie Tahari, (CP) – Elie Tahari said his fall collection begins with the letter “L.” “This is love,” he said backstage before the line debuted at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday. “This is luxury, luxurious, sumptuous.” He continued by adding leather, lace and leopard to the list. Tahari romantic look combined with pure fluid and solid materials and devices. The clothes were grouped by color as models moved down the track changes from black to white, then becoming brown and beige dark before finishing with Burgundy. Flowing chiffon on lace or lace fell over chiffon to create effects pure. Sleeves were wide and loose. Fox fur functioned as vests, scarves and stoles. Animal prints appeared on skirts, jackets and pants. ( Read Elie Tahari more... )


Elie Tahari held nothing back in creating this collection and there's only one word to describe it. Scrumptious! Every woman can find some form of inspiration from this collection to make a stylish entrance into the Fall season. He's got staples for every woman to build her wardrobe around and every piece of this collection that I've seen so far makes a statement. ( Read Elie Tahari more... )

Elie Tahari Hits Big at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week In NY

Elie Tahari’s clothes are dramatic and captivating. They are demure, simple, and smart. Season after season, Elie Tahari continues to be able to win us over with his sense of style. And he did it again this year at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.

Every woman can find inspiration from this fall season collection – there are staples that just about every woman could build a beautiful wardrobe around. ( Read Elie Tahari more... )

Eli Tahari: Fashioning success

One of the featured designers at the recent New York Fashion Week was Elie Tahari, who has come a very long way in his career ... in more ways than one, as Tracy Smith now shows us:

NEW YORK - In the white-hot glare of the fashion world, the clothes take center stage. But the names on the labels can, of course, become famous in their own right: witness Diane von Furstenberg . . . Donna Karan . . . Elie Tahari.

The Tahari name is famous: the face behind it, not so much.

Of the millions who have Elie Tahari hanging in their closets, few probably know that Elie . . . is a HE. ( Read Elie Tahari more... )

Courtesy : U.S.S.Post , Afrolistas and the City™ , Babble & CBS News

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