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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Jean and Scott Adam, Somali Pirates
Somali Pirates kill American sailors Jean, Scott Adam: Hostages shot to death

American yacht owners Jean and Scott Adam, and Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle were found shot to death onboard SV Quest, a sailing yacht they used to distribute bibles. Four pirates are also dead, two of whom were killed by U.S. forces.

According to reports by CNN News on Tuesday, February 22, 2011, "Four American hostages on board a yacht hijacked by pirates last week were killed by their captors Tuesday, U.S. Central Command said in a statement. The vessel, named the Quest, was being shadowed by the military after being captured by pirates off the coast of Oman on Friday. Officials had said earlier Tuesday it was less than two days from the Somali coast." ( Read Jean and Scott Adam more... )

Americans Killed by Pirates Knew the Risks, Friends Say

Jean and Scott Adam loved to sail, but they almost shipped their yacht across the Arabian Sea to avoid a run-in with pirates, a friend said today.

Scott Stolnitz, a friend of the California couple killed by pirates early today along with two other Americans off the coast of Oman, said the Adams knew the risks of sailing in the pirate-infested waters. Stolnitz, also an avid sailor, said he and Scott Adam had spoken about the dangers before their ill-fated trip. "This is all of our worst nightmares," he told the Los Angeles Times. ( Read Jean and Scott Adam more... )

Jean And Scott Adam

Jean And Scott Adam, Best wishes to John and Adam Scott who were captured by pirates in Somalia on Friday in the Arabian Sea. Also on board were Bob and Phyllis Macay Riggle Seattle, Washington. Interviewed Adam Scott several years ago for PC Laptop Magazine for a story about how he used the GPS on his yacht. I also helped John Adam learn to use computers.

It was interesting to see how many errors were reported on Adams, not a couple of Orange County. They both lived in the Venice / Marina Del Rey until they pass the Quest SV, they Wharf Marina Del Rey in the city.
(UKPA) – Four American hostages taken on a yacht by pirates off Somalia have been killed, the U.S. ( Read Jean and Scott Adam more... )

Commentary: Jean and Scott Adam on SV Quest - Bon Voyage

It is with great sadness that I learned today of the killing of all the Americans on board the Quest including my friends Jean and Scott Adam.

Scott helped people believe in themselves. Scott loved sailing and found a great partner in Jean to sail with him around the world.

Scott and Jean were inspiring because they had a mission. They shared their blessings and love wherever they went. ( Read Jean and Scott Adam more... )

Jean and Scott Adam: Yes Kids, Pirates Are Real: Should We Encourage Our Kids To Celebrate Criminals?

Kids? They love pirates. Captain Hook, Jack Sparrow, or pretty much anyone wearing an eye patch, a pirate hat and/or flying the Jolly Rodger is intriguing for the under ten-set.

The pirate themed party is a birthday staple and shirts with skulls and crossbones are all the rage. But should we be okay with our children idolizing pirates? Especially with real life piracy still alive and well, like in the case of Jean and Scott Adam, the American yachters who have been hijacked on the high seas. ( Read Jean and Scott Adam more... )

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