2010 Little League World Series update, scores, schedule, and eliminations

Friday, 27 August 2010

Little League World Series, LLWSThe 2010 Little League World Series (LLWS) is currently underway in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and will continue through Sunday, August 29 when the final championship games are played. The LLWS started with eight international and eight US teams. Double elimination started this year at the LLWS games which allows each team to play at least three games at the LLWS (with one consolation game).
Thursday, Pearland, Texas beat and eliminated Auburn, Washington in the LLWS 7-5 and Texas will move on to the US Championship game scheduled for Saturday. Chinese Taipei will play Tokyo, Japan and the winner of that game will play the winner of Saturday’s US Championship game for the title of 2010 Little League World Series champions.

Games, scores, and teams eliminated at the 2010 LLWS :

Friday, Aug. 20
Fairfield, Conn. 3, Auburn, Wash., 1
Pearland, Texas 10, Plymouth, Minn. 8
Manati, Puerto Rico 11, Ramstein AFB, Germany 0
Tokyo 4, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico 2

Saturday, Aug. 21
Hamilton, Ohio 16, Toms River, N.J. 6
Vancouver, British Columbia 4, Chitre, Panama 2
Columbus, Ga. 6, Waipahu, Hawaii 2
Kaohsiung, Taiwan 18, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 0
Auburn, Wash. 5, Plymouth, Minn. 2

Sunday, Aug. 22
Nuevo Laredo, Mexico 11, Ramstein AFB, Germany 2 - Ramstein eliminated
Waipahu, Hawaii 3, Toms River, N.J. 1 - Toms River eliminated
Chitre, Panama 13, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 0 - Dhahran eliminated
Tokyo 7, Manati, Puerto Rico 2
Pearland, Texas 14, Fairfield, Conn. 1

Monday, Aug. 23
Consolation -- Ramstein AFB, Germany 2, Plymouth, Minn. 1
Kaohsiung, Taiwan 23, Vancouver, British Columbia 0
Nuevo Laredo, Mexico 4, Manati, Puerto Rico 2, Manati eliminated

Tuesday, Aug. 24
Consolation -- Toms River, N.J. 10, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 0
Chitre, Panama 4, Vancouver, British Columbia 2 - Vancouver eliminated
Columbus, Ga. 6, Hamilton, Ohio 0
Tokyo 3, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico 2 - Nuevo Laredo eliminated
Auburn, Wash. 9, Fairfield, Conn. 5 - Fairfield eliminated

Wednesday, Aug. 25
Waipahu, Hawaii 6, Hamilton, Ohio 4 - Hamilton eliminated
Kaohsiung, Taiwan 5, Chitre, Panama, 1 - Chitre eliminated
Auburn, Wash. 7, Pearland, Texas 4

Thursday, Aug 26

Pearland, Texas beat Northwest – Auburn, Washington 7-5 - Washington eliminated

Thursday Night :

South East - Columbus, Georgia vs. West - Waipahu, Hawaii 8 pm – ESPN

Texas will play the winner of the above game Saturday for the US Championship.

Japan vs. Asia-Pacific will also take play Saturday for the International Championship.


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