Poppy Flowers Van Gogh Painting Found

Sunday, 22 August 2010

The search still on for the van Gogh painting “Poppy Flowers” in Egypt. Egypt’s culture minister retracted his early statement.

Poppy Flowers Van Gogh Painting Found – Thieves have stolen a Van Gogh painting that is reportedly worth more than $50 million on the open market from Cairo this evening. Minister Farouk Hosni said that airport security confiscated the priceless painting from two Italians just after the artwork was cut from its frame at the Mahmoud Khalil Museum in the Egyptian capital. The painting, which is known as “Poppy Flowers,” was one of the most popular paintings that Van Gogh had ever done. It was stolen from the same museum 30 years ago in 1978 as well.

After it was originally stolen, authorities were able to recover it two years later at an undisclosed location in Kuwait. The work which is one foot by one foot depicts red and yellow flowers. It is believed to have been painted in 1887, three years before his death of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Poppy Flowers, Van Gogh Painting

Most of the works that he is known for were painted during 29 months of painting activity before his suicide at the age of 37. The theft of the work is embarrassing for the museum especially because it is the second time it has happened. Art organizations will likely call for the painting to be removed from the museum in order to keep it safe. Nine paintings of the 19th Century Egyptian ruler Mohammed Ibrahim Pasha were stolen from the museum last year as well, showing that the museum is unable to protect their works of art.


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