Najib Buka Puasa

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Do you guys know about this? Are you all Malaysians aware of this?

Najib Buka Puasa
I mean like hey Google is threatening our national security. We should ISA everyone in Google okay, TM should ban and filter anything that is related to Google, it’s humiliating. Our dear prime minister’s reputation is on stake now.

Do we still allow Google to mock us? Come on, bring up the 1 Malaysia spirit and boycott Google!!

WE should learn from China, the Chinese who don’t give a damn about Google!!

Oh wait we Chinese are pendatang…

Najib Buka Puasa

Okay la cut the crap, all written above is crap and i’m a crappy person so yah oh back to this thing, it was actually brought up earlier today as i saw it on twitter whichiforgotwho already and it was spread rapidly which eventually leads to a topic being created at as well. Nobody have a single clue on why Google Search Engine came up with that suggestion but one thing i’m sure of..

Our BELOVED Prime Minister is a human...


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