Survivors of the Philippines Hijacking Return Home

Monday, 30 August 2010

The recent hijacking of a tour bus in Manila, Philippines, that left eight tourists dead is still being investigated, but most of the survivors of the traumatic ordeal have returned home, The Associated Press reports.

The interior secretary of the country acknowledged that police were unprepared when dealing with the hijacker, who was an ex-policeman who wanted his job back. He opened fire on the bus full with tourists, killing eight people.

Amy Ng survived the massacre, but is now mourning the deaths of her husband Ken Leung, and daughters Doris and Jessie. Her son, Jason, was also on the trip and was wounded in the head.
"I thought I would fight for survival so I could take care of my children, but two of them have already died," she told the news source.

Authorities have been heavily criticized for their actions during the situation, with the police chief taking a leave of absence while four other officials have been relieved of their duties while the investigation is ongoing.

A traumatic event like a hostage situation may leave survivors suffering from psychological issues like anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) categorizes PTSD as an anxiety disorder that people may develop after witnessing or surviving a traumatic event.

Those suffering from PTSD may experience symptoms that include flashbacks of the event, bad dreams, having difficulty sleeping, becoming depressed or emotionally numb.

The main treatments for the condition are psychotherapy, medication or a combination of both. Mental health professionals will be able to properly diagnose PTSD and help determine the best treatment options.

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