Review: Mafia 2 Games (Xbox 360/ PS3/ PC)

Monday, 30 August 2010

Mafia 2

BADA bring it on! There's a hit out - and it's in the form of Mafia II.

Following on from its 2 million-selling little brother, 2K Czech have taken this latest version to new levels.

So, how is the world of organised crime looking since we last left it?

Mafia 2 Well, you play Vito, the son of a poor immigrant who realises that joining the Mafia is the only way to get out of poverty.

In his quest to become a made man, Vito embarks on a journey of boosting cars, breaking legs and shootouts with Tommy guns.

One noticeable difference in Mafia II is that the storyline and set pieces are a lot darker than before.

The car chases are brilliantly done and the hand-to-hand combat is remarkably improved (something we were disappointed with in the first game). The soundtrack is quirky and the rendering really brings out the grim atmosphere of the Mafia world.

Although the Empire Bay map is a big one (10-square miles) you can't help but feel that the open world could have been expanded more. Red Dead Redemption set the bar stupidly high in this field but we were still hoping that Mafia II would try and stretch itself a little more.

But, that's a harsh criticism of what is a truly sensational game.

You wannabe a wise guy? Well, there's no wiser move than going out and buying this game. 9/10

Mafia 2

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