Tropical Storm Danielle All Set To Form Into Hurricane

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

There is more bad news coming for the people living on the coasts, the tropical storm Danielle is all set to form into a hurricane in the next 24 hours. The US National Hurricane Warning Center has stated that it is for sure going to form into a hurricane and is now moving west north-west towards Bermuda.

Tropical Storm Danielle 2010

The current position of Danielle is some 850 miles from Cape Verde and is now slowly moving at the speed of 14 miles per hour, it is predicted it will be hitting land in the next five days. Currently storm system has sustained the wind speed of 60 miles per hour.

Computer generated images are showing the storm system is moving west northwest towards the Bermuda region and not towards the state of Florida, or the oil well region in Gulf. Danielle will be the second hurricane after Alex struck the gulf on the 30th of June.


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