Abbey Clancy: 'Only UGLY women can touch Peter

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Abbey Clancy, Peter Crouch
Abbey Clancy was so protective of fiance Peter Crouch that she only let UGLY women touch him.

The stunning WAG at first banned the Spurs striker from having massages from ALL women when they went on holiday, and only allowed ‘big blokes’ get near her man.

However, after Peter complained, Abbey relented, but made sure she inspected the prospective masseuse beforehand to see how beautiful they were.

The model, who is still fuming over allegations that Peter romped with a 19-year-old prostitute in Madrid, says she can’t bare the thought of another woman touching Peter’s body.

Speaking about her ideal dirty weekend in FHM magazine in October 2008, Abbey said that if she was staying at a resort she would “hit the beach, catch some sun and maybe go scuba diving, or get a massage”.

Imagining that the interviewer was with her on the dirty weekend she said: “You’re not getting a female. I have a woman you have a man, that’s the rule.

“I don’t like the thought of another man touching my body and I don’t like the thought of another woman touching yours, well Peter’s, so I tell him he has to get a big bloke.

Actually, he moans and I relent. Although I make sure the woman’s ugly before she gets her hands on him. If she has a moustache she can do it.”


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