Miss Universe 2010: Miss Mexico wins Miss Universe, watch full video online (photos, videos)

Friday, 27 August 2010

Miss Universe 2010: Miss Mexico wins Miss Universe watch full video online (photos, videos)

Miss Mexico, Miss UniverseThe Miss Universe 2010 pageant may be over but that hasn’t stopped the worldwide excitement. The women were beautiful, the swimsuits sparkled, and the evening gowns were gorgeous. If you missed Miss Universe 2010 you may watch the full video online below.

The show started off with the exquisite national costume event. Each of the 83 contestants walked the stage in their costume of choice which represented their country. Some of the most amazing costumes included Miss Jamaica, Miss Philippines and Miss Mexico.

The swimsuit portion drew praise from viewers worldwide. The Miss Universe contestants wore lavender swimsuits adorned with glitzy sequins. The women looked gorgeous on the stage while an aqua blue background sparkled behind. You may see a slideshow of the top 10 Miss Universe contestants modeling their swimsuits here: Miss Universe Swimsuit Photos.

After the swimsuit competition the excitement continued as many wondered who would be crowned the next Miss Universe! The next competition was the stage had a purple glow as the contestants glided across the stage showing off their gowns. John Legend provided live music and many of the Miss Universe hopefuls stood around the piano. We’re not sure but it appeared that John Legend was having a hard time focusing on the music surrounded by so many of the world’s most beautiful women at once! Don’t worry though, his melody was as flawless and smooth as the top 5 contestant’s complexions! Miss Universe Evening Gowns.

Though the Miss Universe pageant was spared of the usual controversy it wasn’t without scandal. Several of the contestants chose to take their Miss Universe photos topless! Those interviewed cited creative freedom and said they were comfortable with the decision. Before the live show began we questioned whether Miss USA Rima Fakih’s decision to pose topless might impact her chances at winning. We were surprised, but not shocked, when Miss USA failed to make the top 15. Since the pageant was broadcast live from Las Vegas, Nevada and all of the judges were from the U.S.A. it seemed Miss USA was a natural to place in the top 15. At least no one can accuse the pageant, or its owner Donald Trump of showing favoritism! You may see photos of Miss USA and a video photo shoot from the topless photos here: Miss USA Topless Photos.

With Miss USA out of the competition it was time to choose the top 5. Many wondered if miss Venezuela would be named Miss Universe 2010. If she was selected, it would have been the third consecutive win for the nation. Like Miss USA, Miss Venezuela was out of the running early.

Another early favorite was Miss Philippines Venus Raj. Many fans worldwide rooted for Miss Philippines and about the only real controversy that transpired from the Miss Universe pageant was when Miss Philippines failed to answer one of the final questions. You may see photos of Miss Philippines and view the video where she failed to answer the question here: Miss Philippines Venus Raj Question, Answer, Photos.

Finally it was time to name the new Miss Universe 2010. The names were called and it was down to two contestants: Miss Jamaica and Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete. Miss Mexico was crowned the new Miss Universe.

You may see photos of Miss Mexico and her time in the Miss Universe pageant here: Miss Mexico is Miss Universe 2010.
You may watch the full video of the Miss Universe pageant below.

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