Nadja Benaissa 'No Angels' Pics

Sunday, 22 August 2010

No Angels, Nadja Benaissa
"No Angels" band mates in 2001. (Pacific Coast News)

Nadja Benaissa made headlines with week when she confessed to having unprotected sex without warning her partners about the fact that she was HIV positive. Benaissa is no on trial, facing a charge of grevious bodily harm for allegedly infecting one man. She's also charged with attempted bodily harm More on Nadja Benaissa.

for allegedly having sex with two other men who luckily did not contract the infection.

If Nadja Benaissa is convicted, the singer faces a prison sentence ranging from six months to 10 years. Nadja first shot to fame in Europe in 2000 after winning the German version of "Popstars".

No Angels released only one album. The album Schritt für Schritt was released in 2006.


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