Hujan Ikan di Jepang

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Hujan Ikan or Rain Fish in Japan - Rain of fish not just happening in Australia, the rain turned out to fish also occurred in Japan recently, exactly in the city Taiwa, Nakonoto, Asahi, and Cookies. They say the rain was not the only fish that fell from the sky, but frogs also participated fall, and with these conditions, there has been rain rain fish and frogs simultaneously.

As far as the news circulated on the Internet, there is not one of the official media to preach about rain rain fish and frogs in Japan. Yet the news about fish rain in Australia a few months ago, many national and international media who preach it.

The riddle about the rain of fish in Japan is also still not answered until now. Yet some say this phenomenon is a rare phenomenon, and referred to as "rain animals" in Japan caused by erratic weather changes in that country.

Although the puzzle of rain fish in Japan is not answered, but the phenomenon of fish in the Australian rain has started the research revealed by the experts. Experts believe that the weather in the country that the kangaroo has caused fish rain.

Weather extremes seem to suck the fish into the storm. The exploited fish are then taken by storm blowing wind, and then again fell to the ground surface, and the phenomenon itself is called a rain of fish which occur in Australia a few months ago.

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Krisna said...

'Weather extremes seem to suck the fish into the storm'
what?? i can't believe it

izzhy said...

Yeah.. It's Real!

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