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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Brancusi Kiss, Google Doddle, Sculpture Artist
Brancusi Kiss: Google Doodle Schools Us Again

If you've been to the Google homepage today, you already know where this is going. I love a good Google doodle and this one did not disappoint. Today would be Romanian-born sculptor Constantin Brancusi's 135th birthday, and the Google logo celebrates his most famous works. His contributions to the art world rank up there with Michelangelo, Duchamp, and Giacometti. And if you recognized more than one of the letters, then hats off, art major. I only recognized the Brancusi Kiss.

And that's only because my roommate in college had the photo of that sculpture on our wall. If you didn't take any art classes (me) or date any emo boys (me, kinda), you might not know that much about Brancusi -- let's decode the symbol together. ( Read Brancusi Kiss more... )

Brancusi Kiss Google Doodle Logo

Today Google surprised with another Google Doodle honoring Constantin Brancusi on his 135th birthday. The letters of the logo are not as clear as in other doodles but you can definitely recognize the brand with the objects included.

This doodle has received the name of the Brancusi Kiss Google doodle, as a way to remember one of the most emblematic works of Brancusi, his sculpture “The Kiss”. For those who don’t recognize the sculpture, it is the last one, where the letter e is supposed to be. ( Read Brancusi Kiss more... )

Brancusi Kiss: Google

Brancusi Kiss, The sculptor, born in 1876, is having its 135th anniversary celebrated by the giant search engines. Brancusi was one of the founding figures of modern sculpture and is credited with being one of the most original artists of the 20th century. His works, especially sculpture, has abstractism primivitism and in the middle of the sculpture for the first time.

Brancusi pieces were considered as important as Pablo Picasso in the development of the era of modern art. Although only an anatomical study, it foreshadowed later efforts, the sculptor to reveal the essence rather than merely copy outward appearance. You all need to know that his work was very popular in Romania, France and the United State and many others because his work was very popular and has created Sleeping Muse and the kiss was very famous in the world today with gemetrical and rare items. ( Read Brancusi Kiss more... )

Brancusi Kiss: Brancusi Google Doodle Celebrates 135th Birthday

Have you checked out the Brancusi Kiss Google Doodle today? It’s kind of hard to make out the Google letters on this one, and it’s definitely clever! Constantin Brancusi is honored with the Google Doodle today to celebrate his 135th birthday.

The Brancusi Google Doodle includes not only The Kiss, but also features a few more of his famous sculptures, Promethues Bound, Sleeping Muse, Mademoiselle Pogany, and Bird in Space. ( Read Brancusi Kiss more... )

Brancusi’s Kiss honoured in Google Doodle

Google is celebrating sculptor Constantin Brancusi’s 135th anniversary with a portrayal of his greatest works, including The Kiss, in its Doodle.

Brancusi was born in Romania in 1876 and studied in Bucharest before moving to Paris in 1904. He spent over 50 years in the French capital and died there in 1957. ( Read Brancusi Kiss more... )

Google Doodle Shows Off Sculptures of Constantin Brancusi

Romania's most famous sculptor gets Google's top honors on his 135th birthday.

Brancusi is considered one of the fathers of modern art, using simple earthen materials like wood and stone to create elegant yet avant-garde designs. And just as the sculptor was a leader of the modernist movement, the doodle is designed with an air of abstraction. ( Read Brancusi Kiss more... )

Brâncuşi’s Gate of the Kiss – A Metaphor of Romanian Spirit

Those of you using Google for search today, are perhaps wondering about the doodle that welcomes your visit. It’s celebrating the Romanian sculptor, whose artwork made history. This is one of the personalities who put Romania on the world-map, bringing this country’s creative talent worldwide recognition. ( Read Brancusi Kiss more... )

Eha Brancusi nedir google hayatı - Brancusi nedir? Google Brancusi

Tv Brancusi google neden? Brancusi akşam haberinde bomba. Brancusi nedir? Brancusi kiss google. Brancusi ne yapmıştır. İşte Brancusi hayat kesiti. Bugün en çok ziyaret edilen arama motoru Google bugün bir mucitin doğum günü için logosunu değiştirdi. Google önemli günlerde veya doğum günlerde logosuna değişiklik katıyor. Bunu herkes bilir. Fakat logoya tıkladığınızda kime ait olduğu ortaya çıkıyor. Bugün de Brancusi 135. doğum günü kutlanıyor.

Brancusi edindiğimiz bilgiye göre bir heykeltraşmış. Cumhuriyet Gazetesinin sitesinde de bugün bir başlık atılmış. Adı da Google Ucubelerini Kutluyor haberi. İşte bu haber bugün en çok okunan haberler arasında oldu. Brancusi bir Romanya vatandaşıdır. Romanya'da bugün anma geceleri düzenlendi. Brancusi Romanya'da en çok sevilen bir heykeltraştı. Bugün onun doğum günü olduğundan Google Brancusi özel bir sade tasarım hazırlamış. ( Read Brancusi Kiss more... )

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