Brooke Wilberger

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Brooke Wilberger

Brooke Wilberger: Mother Shows Incredible Grace On Dateline
Brooke Wilberger was a beautiful girl who tragically lost her life to the hands of a man named Joel Courtney. Dateline aired Brooke Wilberger’s story tonight, and perhaps the most incredible part of the story is the fact that Brooke Wilberger’s mother was able to thank Joel Courtney for finally revealing where Brooke’s body was located after he took her life.

Brooke Wilberger was abducted from an apartment complex by Joel Courtney. He lured her to his car by asking her for help moving a package, but when she approached him, he held a knife to her and told her to get into the car. Sadly, Brooke’s life ended in a wooded area about 10 miles away from where she was taken. ( Read Brooke Wilberger more... )

Brooke Wilberger back in TV spotlight

National news program “Dateline NBC” will air a two-hour special on the 2004 Corvallis abduction and murder of Brooke Wilberger on Friday night.

The mystery of what happened to the 19-year-old Brigham Young University student captured national attention during four years of searching. The case came to a resolution in September 2009. Joel Courtney, 43, suspected since 2005 in connection with Wilberger’s abduction, had pleaded guilty to the eerily similar November 2004 abduction and rape in of a 22-year-old New Mexico exchange student. She had escaped the attack to testify against him, leading to his guilty plea. ( Read Brooke Wilberger more... )

'Dateline' has new revelations in Brooke Wilberger murder

The family of Brooke Wilberger's killer is breaking their silence for the first time, opening up, about how they pieced together that their brother, Joel Courtney, was a murderer.

Courtney raped and killed the 19-year-old Oregon girl in May 2004. The most publicized murder in Oregon history was the focus of the latest Dateline.

Courtney's sister Dina recalled when her brother disappeared, during which time he abducted and killed Wilberger. He came back with a wild story. ( Read Brooke Wilberger more... )

Dateline Reports on the Abduction of Brooke Wilberger and the Fight to Bring Her Home

This Friday on Dateline NBC, an Oregon family struggles with the mysterious disappearance of their 19 year-old daughter Brooke Wilberger, who was kidnapped from an apartment complex just blocks away from the campus of Oregon State University in May of 2004.

NBC News’ Kate Snow reports on the stressful investigation that plagued Brooke’s family and her community as the twists and turns in the five-year case left everyone looking for answers. When initial leads turned out to be dead-ends, investigators worried time was running out—until a similar abduction hundreds of miles away in New Mexico turned out to be the long-awaited break in the case of bringing Brooke back home. ( Read Brooke Wilberger more... )

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