Coffee Mate

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Coffee Mate

Coffee Mate: Coffee Mate Facebook Freebie

People really love their Coffee-Mate.

The coffee creamer company held “Free Flavor Friday,” where they planed to give away 100,000 coupons for a free bottle of Coffe-Mate at noon. All you had to do was go on their Facebook page and click the “Like” button. ( Read Coffee Mate more... )

Coffee Mate: Coolest Coffee Cups

Nestle Coffee Mate continues to be coffee’s perfect mate as the coffee creamer brand of choice for generations. Offering more than 20 flavors in both liquid and powder creamers. Why not try the coolest modern coffee cups to add those perfect flavors to. These modern mugs are just to cool to pass up! ( Read Coffee Mate more... )

Coffee Mate for free? Internet goes wild

The Internet loves Coffee Mate.

Strike that. The Internet loves free stuff.

Netsle's coffee creamer caused quite a stir -- was that a pun? -- online Friday afternoon with a giveaway deal on its Facebook page.

The offer: "Like" us on Facebook and get a coupon for a free bottle of Coffee Mate. ( Read Coffee Mate more... )

100,000 coupons for free Coffee Mate to be given away this Friday

Coffee-Mate is giving away 100,000 coupons for a free bottle of Coffee-Mate on Friday (February 4, 2011) at noon EST - so mark your calendars.

To score the freebie you have to Go to the Coffee Mate Facebook page 'Like' Coffee Mate - that's his the button, and hopefully, like the taste, too. Return to the site on Friday, Feb. 4, at noon EST Play the game and hope you're one of the first 100,000 to click in. ( Read Coffee Mate more... )

Coffee Mate Coupons Get Free On Facebook

Today, Coffee Mate will be issuing free passes for any product.People wishing to claim a coupon to go on Facebook and how their fan page.Coffee Mate will be limited to 100.000 coupon only.

giveaway will begin at noon eastern time.However, it is expected that giveaway will last about two hours. ( Read Coffee Mate more... )

Coupon: Free Coffee-Mate

The first 100,000 people to signup at noon est will get a coupon for free Coffee-Mate. I wouldn’t worry about missing out if you’re an hour or two late. Trust me, a hundred thousand is a lot. I’ve had at least that many different rejections from girls.

You’re not my type. My dad says I’m not allowed to date until I’m 30. I think I’m allergic to you. And all of those were within the last week alone. ( Read Coffee Mate more... )

Coffee Mate

Coffee Mate, Friday Freebies this week is so tight with offers free, I could just wrap them in a post! Who knows if the Steelers or Packers will win this Sunday’s Super Bowl, but we can celebrate the great game of free pizza, busywork children coloring pages, and football on the topic of digital photo frames. Moreover, it is a free hot sample from Origins, free museum admission, gift Coffee-Mate, and free coffee. Let the games begin! Papa John’s offers a very tasty gift – a free Super Bowl pizza for all Americans – if the big game this Sunday going into overtime. Which he never. ( Read Coffee Mate more... )

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