Funny Valentines Day Pictures

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Funny Valentines Day Pictures
Funny Valentines Day Pictures: And eCards That will Make Your Day

Are you looking for funny Valentines Day Pictures? We have searched the internet and found a few of our favorites! We also have found the best sites that make thoughtful free Valentine eCards that will brighten up your day and put a huge smile on the ones you love! Have a happy and fun Valentines! ( Read Funny Valentines Day Pictures more... )

Funny Valentine’s Day Pictures? Or Just Pathetic?

Since Caroline is 18 weeks pregnant, we’ve decided that this won’t be the year to send out Valentine’s Day pics. In fact, we never really send out Valentine’s Day pics. We take care of providing friends and family formal photographic evidence of our ever-increasing brood every Yuletide. But we did take pictures of our kids on one Valentine’s Day. Hard to believe it was two years ago. The very best of all the ones we took appears to the left. Pretty sad, no? Don’t we look like a cute little meth family? With a bad static-cling problem? And no running water? ( Read Funny Valentines Day Pictures more... )

Funny Valentines Day Pictures

Funny Valentines Day Pictures, Valentine’s Day is much more romance, roses and whether or not you are single or someone special. This year spread the joy of intimacy that other cupid giving funny Valentines Day messages for friends. If you have a budget in mind, Hallmark and similar stores offer a wide variety of humorous greeting cards to give to a friend.

But if you want to add a bit more personality to your gift for Valentine’s Day, take time to sit down and write your own messages funny. It could be a quote you like, funny memories you shared together or evensong lyrics. In truth, it does not matter how much your gift or how it is extravagant costs. What is important in 2011 is what you give; you’re able to put a smile on someone’s face just in time for the holidays. ( Read Funny Valentines Day Pictures more... )

Funny Valentines Day Pictures and Free eCards for Valentines Day Quotes

Funny Valentines Day Pictures and Free eCards for Valentines Day Quotes. This is considered as the sweetest and most romantic day in a year. And yet, funny Valentines Day pictures will be the most memorable picture this Valentines day and so as well with the fre eCards for Valentines Day will be considered as the most artistic creation for today. ( Read Funny Valentines Day Pictures more... )

Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Debutes Under Funny Valentine’s Day Pictures

Samsung has finally unveiled the long awaited Galaxy S2 smartphone today which is the skinniest and coolest looking phone at the entire convention powered by Android 2.3 OS.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was unveiled today in Barcelona under cute and funny Valentine’s Day pictures. The Galaxy S2 is the follow up to the very popular Galaxy S model. After viewing a lot of different smartphones at the last two conventions, this reporter thinks that the S2 is the best Android OS phone on the market today. ( Read Funny Valentines Day Pictures more... )

Infographic About Valentines Day

Cool infographic about Valentine’s Day and about how much we spend on gifts, roses, chocolates, and strippers during this celebration. Even if only 63% of consumers celebrate Valentine’s Day this amounts for approximately 13 billions of dollars spent every year!

Each American will spend an average of $120 on Valentine’s Day gifts, and men spend twice as much as women (of course women will compensate this by spending a lot more than men during the rest of the year… At least my wife does).

One thing surprised me in the infographic, its the amount of money spent during Valentine’s Day buying gifts for pets: $367 million! Oh, and 15% of women send themselves flowers on this day… ( Read Funny Valentines Day Pictures more... )

Funny Valentine's Day Quotes By Comedians (PHOTOS)

Valentine's Day: The sweetest and most romantic holiday of the year that also happens to provide the most fodder for comedy. Comedians have a way of taking down the over-commercialization, sappiness and depression that comes with the day of love like no one else can. Here are some of our favorite interpretations of the holiday by comedians such as Jon Stewart, Greg Giraldo, Mike Birbiglia, Lewis Black and more. Vote for your favorite! ( Read Funny Valentines Day Pictures more... )

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