Thursday, 10 February 2011

New Gawker Layout. Redesign Fail?

Gawker unveiled its redesigned site on Monday, moving away from its traditional blog format, but so far it hasn't been very well received.

The most notable feature of the revamped site is that one main story with a big photo dominates the homepage. Other stories are listed in a scrollable column on the right hand side of the window. It's a much different feel from Gawker's old site, which published a feed of stories as they were added.

As it can often go with the redesign of a popular site, the response has been less than favorable. According to a tweet from former Gawker editor-in-chief and current editor of The Atlantic Wire, page views are already down 25-33 percent on io9 and Jalopnik, two Gawker Media sites. ( Read Gawker more... )

Gawker’s Scoop Draws Eyes to a New Format

Representative Christopher Lee’s sudden resignation on Wednesday was triggered by an article on Gawker, the Manhattan-based gossip Web site.

The story of the married “Craigslist Congressman” who evidently sought out a woman via the classifieds Web site instantly became one of the most significant scoops in the nine-year history of Gawker.

And the timing was spectacular for Gawker: just two days ago it unveiled a new layout that was — and continued Wednesday to be — widely panned by readers. Amid some bad press, the sudden scoop about Mr. Lee has given Gawker something to celebrate — and, maybe, a way to validate its redesign.( Read Gawker more... )

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Courtesy : PCMag & The New York Times

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