Monday, 7 February 2011 Gets Ready and Network Solutions Piggybacks

Lots of mainstream attention on domain names today.

We’re just hours away from Go Daddy’s Super Bowl commercials and a huge plug for the .co domain.

I really have no idea who the girl is. My guess is it’s not someone from Colombia, but that’s about all I have at this point.

I’m thinking that Go Daddy might not actually show who the .co girl is on the TV commercial and instead send viewers to their web site to see the revealing. This would be classic Go Daddy style to drive web traffic.

As for the Go Daddy commercial, DOMAINfest attendees like myself got to view the entire “web only” version during Bob Parson’s keynote at the event last week. ( Read more... )

Which Howard Stern Show regular is the new girl? (video) drew major web traffic after Sunday's Super Bowl XLV ad featuring a scantily clad Howard Stern Show regular.

Unfortunately for Howard Stern Show fans, the hottie with the rockin' body turned out to be Joan Rivers.

Watch the Super Bowl commercial in the lefthand column

"She's a hot Hollywood icon...she's hot and she's business savvy," boasted the spokeswomen before revealing the 78-year-old comedienne in a skimpy tank top, micro mini-shorts and high heels. Oh--and a completely CGI created body. ( Read more... )

GoDaddy.Co, Eminem Surprise in Super Bowl Ads

(AP) In the Super Bowl of advertising, Eminem was everywhere, Roseanne Barr took a big hit from a log and Joan Rivers became a GoDaddy girl.

It was also hard to throw a Pepsi can without hitting a car commercial during Super Bowl XLV between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers. Automakers took advantage of advertising's biggest showcase to try to show they're back after two tough years for the industry.

After avoiding the Super Bowl for two years as it went in and out of a government-led bankruptcy, General Motors came back with five ads for Chevrolet. In one ad, a seemingly mundane car dealership ad is disrupted when a Camaro suddenly morphs into the Bumblebee character from the "Transformers" movies. Chrysler was expected to push the limits of how long a Super Bowl ad could be with a two-minute commercial featuring rapper Eminem. ( Read more... )

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Courtesy : Domain Name Wire , Examiner & CBS News

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