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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Lie To Me Movie

‘Lie To Me’ Season 3 Ends On A High Note

Last night, FOX’s cult series Lie To Me completed is third season with “Killer App” an episode involving a Facebook-esque plot that brought a darker tone (and murder) to some of Aaron Sorkin’s story elements from The Social Network.

While much of Lie To Me can be considered a proverbial stage for Tim Roth to show off his talents as one of television’s most skilled thespians, the season 3 finale took a step back from Roth’s scene-stealing portrayal of Dr. Cal Lightman and allowed co-star Kelli Williams to shine as Dr. Gillian Foster. ( Read Lie To Me Cast more... )

Lie to Me Review: "Killer App"

Wow. Where to start reviewing the Lie to Me season finale?

Overall, "Killer App" had so much in it that I want to talk about. I will start with my nod to Paul James, who played Kyle. I have really enjoyed him in Greek and it was great to see him in something else. ( Read Lie To Me Cast more... )

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