Nik Pace

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Nik Pace

Nik Pace

Nik Pace. Former Top Model Nik Pace has
responded to NFL star Braylon
Edwards’ accusations of gold digging. Nik gave birth to
Braylon Jr. in August in Georgia.
She then moved to New York in
November where she
immediately filed for child
support. Edwards, who supported the
baby from day 1, filed in
Georgia to be recognized as the
baby’ s father soon after the birth. He’ s now accusing Pace of filing in New York rather
than Georgia where judges are
well aware of gold diggers and ( Read Nik Pace more... )

Nik pace? from ANTM cycle 5 ?

yeah is she lesbian?

i have never heard that.

no i don't think so

i haven't heard she is but im not sure

I hope so….she's freakin' hot!!!!!

No, Kim was from that cycle and she is

no i don't think so ( Read Nik Pace more... )

Courtesy : VonShred & Western Outlaw

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