Queen Noor

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Queen Noor

"Piers Morgan Tonight": Live with Queen Noor, Nick Kristof, Fareed Zakaria

Tonight on "Piers Morgan Tonight", we'll have more on the fluid Egypt story. Piers Morgan will interview Queen Noor, Nick Kristof and Fareed Zakaria live.

Piers also talks to the two people at the center of the biggest business story of the day – Arianna Huffington and Tim Armstrong, on AOL's purchase of The Huffington Post. Check it out, live, 9pmET. ( Read Queen Noor more... )

Jordan's Queen Noor joins Ricardo Karam on OTV this Tuesday

"Was your life a twist of fate or a stroke of luck?" asks host Ricardo Karam in an interview with Queen Noor Al Hussein of Jordan. The question was asked during her first interview with an Arab TV figure, Karam.

She talks about magic moments with King Hussein, moments of anguish and hope as a citizen of two different worlds, and many other subjects. Testimonials from other worldwide figures such as: M. Kofi Anan, Dr. Marwan Muasher, Dr. Rima Khalaf, Mrs. Layla Sharaf and Princess Wijdan Ben Fawwaz Al Hashimi also are given during the TV special, which will air on OTV on DISH Network on Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2011 at 10:15 p.m ET. ( Read Queen Noor more... )

Queen Noor on Muslim Brotherhood: "Have points of view that need to come to the table"

Queen Noor of Jordan appeared in a prime time exclusive with Piers Morgan tonight to talk Egypt and more. She spoke specifically about the Muslim Brotherhood. "Most Arabs are moderate peaceful centrists," she said. "The Muslim Brotherhood are one of many groups throughout the region that have points of view that need to come to the table." These comments came as a response to what Newt Gingrich said about the Brotherhood today. ( Read Queen Noor more... )

Queen Noor of Jordan about the Muslim Brotherhood

In an exclusive interview with Piers Morgan last night, Queen Rania of Jordan said that while most Arabs are moderate peaceful centrist, the Muslim Brotherhood are one of the many groups throughout the region that have points of view that need to come to the table.

Her remarks were in response to Morgan’s question about Newt Gingrich’s statement earlier before saying that “the Muslim Brotherhood is a mortal enemy” of Western civilization.

In his critics to Obama’s administration approach to political crisis in Egypt, Gingrich expressed his concerns that the United States might reach out to the Muslim Brotherhood. ( Read Queen Noor more... )

Queen Noor: US Too Tight with Egyptian Military

By Hiram Reisner

Jordan’s Queen Noor Wednesday said part of what led to Egypt’s turmoil was the vast majority of U.S. aid was military, with little concern to the country’s – or the region’s – social fabric. In an MSNBC interview, the queen also indicated Jordan has far to go before it can be considered a democratic nation, but Tuesday’s change in government in the Hashemite kingdom is a positive first step..

Read more on Newsmax.com: Queen Noor: US Too Tight with Egyptian Military
Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama's Re-Election? Vote Here Now! ( Read Queen Noor more... )

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