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Radiohead surprise fans with early album release

British rock group Radiohead have pulled yet another trick, releasing their widely anticipated eighth album The King Of Limbs online one day ahead of schedule.

Fans discovered a first track, Lotus Flower, on the band's website early on Friday.

The site also showed a black-and-white video of lead singer Thom Yorke, coiffed with a bowler hat, dancing and miming alone.

Only seconds later fans were surprised and delighted at being able to download the whole album's audio file without having to wait.

"It's's almost the's the full moon," wrote guitarist Ed O'Brien on the site as the single explanation for the album's advanced release. ( Read Radiohead more... )

Radiohead slips out of the box

So what can we read into Radiohead’s decision to jump its own release deadline by a full 24 hours quietly making their new album The King of Limbs available online — downloadable in two formats MP3 and WAV and by special order in two vinyl packages — Friday instead of Saturday as promised ?

First that the British band is still so clearly and so comfortably out of the industrial loop, having slipped its chains with the big dogs a couple of years ago to embrace the free-trade chaos of the great Internet democracy, even serving up 2007’s In Rainbows at no charge to those who couldn’t pay and urging cash buyers to shell out what they thought the music was worth. ( Read Radiohead more... )

Snap Judgment: Radiohead's 'The King of Limbs'

Kingoflimbs Thom Yorke jerks around in the video for "Lotus Flower," the first single from Radiohead's just-released eighth studio album, "The King of Limbs," like someone only just discovering that the body's job is to move. In the clip, choreographed by the British kinesthesis expert Wayne McGregor, Yorke shakes, wobbles and nearly drools to the song's needling dance beat, sometimes elegantly loosening up, only to shake back into awkwardness.

The singer's moves and his bowler hat recall the physical comedians of the silent film era, when onscreen human motion still seemed artificial, almost surreal. It's a typical Radiohead moment in some ways, a visceral expression of the struggle to stay fully human in a world that's been both enhanced and corrupted by technology. Yet it's new, too, mostly because of the music behind Yorke, and specifically the sound coming out of him: his falsetto has never sounded this relaxed before as he sings about the release of dancing, the joy of releasing energy, "just to see what gives." In some dark imagined disco, this song is getting people on the floor. Radiohead, it seems, has become a dance band. ( Read Radiohead more... )

First Listen: The King of Limbs, Radiohead

Kings of reinvention, but Radiohead haven't gone out on a limb

The Kings of Limbs
As usual, the first listen to a new Radiohead album leaves a slight residue of disappointment – Is that all? Just eight tracks? And so lacking in the variety one might expect? – which dissipates with each successive hearing, as the overall design becomes clearer.

After several listens, a few points become more apparent. The first is the relative absence, especially for a band nominally boasting three guitarists, of any but the subtlest, most diffident guitar parts. Instead, the album floats on airy keyboard loops anchored by brittle drum patterns and bedded within a background patina comprised of natural sounds – bird song, wind, etc – and glitchy electronic bricolage, as if surfing the cusp between the analogue and digital worlds. The second is the contrast with the previous album In Rainbows, which, as its cover design implied, gleamed with iridescent musical colours; here, the world seems much more monochrome – as in the video for "Lotus Flower", in which Thom Yorke throws expressive dancing shapes in an abandoned warehouse space. Stark, black-and-white beats are tinted with greyscale keyboard chords, while Yorke's layered vocals cloud around like fog. ( Read Radiohead more... )

Much Ado About an Early Radiohead Release

It’s official: Alternative music junkies’ favorite rogue band, Radiohead, was nowhere to be seen in Tokyo’s famous Shibuya intersection — in person, via satellite, beamed in hologram or otherwise on Friday night.

Instead, what started out as a cryptic Tweet chirped from the band’s official Twitter account implying there was something — maybe not big, but something — happening in Tokyo’s congested Shibuya crossing Friday at 6:59 p.m. Japan local time deflated into a “special event” on the band’s Japan website scheduled to occur at the same time — except that the website crashed. But the gut wrenching mystery was resolved quickly for those faced with an error page. The band released the music video to “Lotus Flower” the first track off its new album originally planned to be launched Saturday on YouTube in step with the so-called “special event.” And frustrated fans were likely quick to forgive the band. Radiohead’s much-anticipated new album, “The King of Limbs,” is available to download online a day early. ( Read Radiohead more... )

Radiohead album launch event cancelled over safety concerns

Good old Radiohead and their cryptic messages. Well, actually, as coded missives from the band go, the one they posted to Twitter yesterday was fairly simple. It said: “渋谷 ハチ公広場 金曜日 18時59分”. For those of you who don’t understand Japanese, that means Hachikō Square, Shibuya, Friday, 18:59.

Hachikō Square is one of Tokyo’s most recognisable landmarks, a huge pedestrian crossing in one of the city’s main shopping districts. But what could Radiohead be doing there on Friday evening? You should never arrange to meet people there, trust me, it’s a lost cause. And a gig in an already insanely crowded place seems like a foolish plan. We assumed, therefore, that some sort of video broadcast on one of the advertising screens that overlooks the square was most likely. ( Read Radiohead more... )

Radiohead Hachiko Square Event Cancelled, ‘Something Special’ Due Today

Radiohead's mysterious tweet seems to have been explained, with the band set to premiere 'something special' at 18:59 JST.

Radiohead's mysterious tweet seems to have been explained, with the band set to premiere 'something special' at 18:59 JST.

Tthe original event, planned to take place in Hachiko Square, Shibuya has been cancelled due to safety concerns (Time Out Japan). Hostess, the band's Japanese label instead claim the band have 'something special' planned for the same time - possibly to be broadcast via their Japanese website ( Read Radiohead more... )

Rihanna, Radiohead, BRIT Awards: Biggest News Stories This Week (Feb 19)

Another week goes by and it’s time once again for Gigwise to bring you this week’s news in bite-sized portions - just how you like it.

It's that time of year again for the award ceremonies - with Arcade Fire ruling the Grammy Awards and Mumford & Sons taking home Album Of The Year at the BRIT Awards.

This week has also seen the return of Radiohead with the release of new album 'The King Of Limbs', while Lady Gaga has hatched out of an egg and dressed up in a condom-inspired outfit. ( Read Radiohead more... )

CD review: The King of Limbs, Radiohead

On first listen, not as rapturous as In Rainbows

Listening to a new Radiohead album is like peeling the proverbial onion.

Not only are there dozens of layers to cut through, you might end up in tears when you least expect it.

The King of Limbs is no different — with its splatters of jittery electro beats, intricate guitar strums, Thom Yorke’s ethereal wails and what sounds like the Swedish Chef clinking a stack of forks and knives. ( Read Radiohead more... )

‘Lotus Flower’: Radiohead’s New Music Video

The rock band Radiohead just released its new album “The King of Limbs.” Here’s the video for a track off the album, called “Lotus Flower.” What do you think? ( Read Radiohead more... )

Radiohead vs Britney Spears: Music video fight club

Radiohead released their new promo for Lotus Flower without any fanfare while Britney Spears teased fans for ages with a series of sneak peeks for Hold It Against Me before the big day but who will win our music video fight club?

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is a brave man. Here he gives the likes of Lady Gaga, Kylie and yes, Britney Spears, a run for their money by dancing like a maniac.

It's just him in a white shirt and black bowler hat in an empty room jerking, twisting, shaking and juddering along to the music.

And somehow, even though he seems to be mass of tangled limbs in the grip of an attack of some sort, it works.

Britney, however, barely seems to even break a sweat in her new video for Hold It Against Me. ( Read Radiohead more... )

From Radiohead to Angry Boys, this week's winners and losers

Radiohead's new album, The King Of Limbs, is out today. Download or order the "Newspaper Album" featuring "many large sheets of artwork, 625 tiny pieces of artwork and a full-colour piece of oxo-degradeable plastic" from ( Read Radiohead more... )

Coda: Recovering from the Grammys; Anticipating new Radiohead jams; The week in Odd Future

Twas a week of processing our disbelief and managing our expectations, here on Click Track. We're still getting over the Grammys. We puzzled over the performances. We wondered about the greater wonderment. We pondered the cruelty of Bieber nation. And we talked and talked some more. ( Read Radiohead more... )

Radiohead fans give their reactions to 'Lotus Flower'

Radiohead fans have been giving their reactions to ‘Lotus Flower' – the first track to emerge from the band’s new album ‘The King Of Limbs’.

The video features frontman Thom Yorke dancing in a deserted warehouse. Watch it by scrolling down and clicking below. ( Read Radiohead more... )

Radiohead: King of Limbs, album review

1. Bloom – An (almost literally) offbeat, understated, atmospheric opening, with stilted, jerky electronic percussion, a repetitive Glass-ian piano figure, swirling orchestral ambience over which floats Thom Yorke’s ethereal mumble. Simultaneously deeply weird and inviting, Bloom leaves me tingling with delicious anticipation. Which is, oddly enough, just about what you might expect.

2. Morning Mr Magpie – The lightness of the percussive drive seems to cross a kind of African marimba groove with an almost blues rock guitar chug, breaking down intermittently with flashes of south London dubstep ambience. “You’ve got some nerve coming here / you stole it all, give it back” sings Yorke, his sweet melodiousness giving the lie to the later accusation. “You took my melody.” Sinister and upbeat at the same time. They are (as ever) masters of musical dichotomy. ( Read Radiohead more... )

Watching Radiohead - Lotus Flower - Youtube Music Video

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